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New To Me ECB

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Well I picked up a Used ECB today at a yard sale and i'm going to start the mods, But one thing Is the original thermometer is missing, is there a place to buy a better one or does someone have a better suggestion, I have a maverick Thermometer already...
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Just cover the hole with some metal and use the MAV!!!!!!!!!!!
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yup what smokey says.what mods u planning?
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Smokey's got yer back there. Mods? Dump the water pan...bein in the cold like me? I use a tuning plate of my bottom grill wrapped in thick foil. In the summer the water pan MAY make an's a temp regulation device for keeping it DOWN.
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Great deal....Got to love yard sales......
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luv the yard sales, one of the best places to look for smokers.
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Well I already moved the legs to the outside, and making legs for the Ash pan, working on the damper for the hole in the bottom.. (mine has a Big hole in the bottom) do I need more or is this one enough??

next I'm going to work on the top... New Therm for the lid vent holes etc...

I still haven't figured out what to do with the original Temp gauge hole Leave it open or cover it with something....

Any other mod suggestions would be appreciated...
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