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Ribs and more

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Weather permitting (is calling for rain) I will be smoking tomorrow. Just got back from the store and I got some beef ribs and stuff for ABTs and a fattie (hid the sausage from the wife, she'll say that is too much). Getting ready to rub the ribs for an overnight, hope to have Q-View tomorrow.
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Hey Buddy, did you get spare Ribs or Babybacks. Beleive it or not KK said she would like some ribs. I will probably smoke some this weekend.
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Baby Backs, just under 7 lbs for $16, not too bad. Had to get chili peppers for the ABTs, got a Chive and Onion cream cheese blend. Went two places and coudn't find japs. Can't decide on type of fattie. Got potatos O'brien, couple kinds of cheese and bacon but I also got stuff to make homemade pizza so I could do a pizza fattie (even got some chorizo to put on the pizza, hmmm).
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Sounds good. Where did you get the ribs.
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good work bert...I hope the rain blows over. The wife will be happy when you present the fine Q.
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good going bert-but wife gonna find about the fatty-cherizo thats a spicy meat ta ball.sounds good-I love the stuff-gonna make some soon.
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Prayin for the rain to blow over just North of ya too....
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Sounds great. I love beef ribs but it's hard to find nice meaty ones.
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Sounds like a damn nice smoke you have planned...........Hope the rain breaks for you........Can't wait for the q-view............
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First Q-View from todays rib smoke. Temp is hold steady at 230 and smoke is rolling thin and blue. (so far weather has been great).

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looking good bert..........like i was saying last nite in chat......mexican grocers is the best place to find them japs......
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My 2nd fattie. 1 lbs Jimmy Dean Reg & 1 lb Maple with Taters O'Brien, Cheddar, Bacon and Garlic. Then rolled. Then my first batch of ABTs (made with chili peppers, chive & onion cream cheese and wraped in bacon).

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Nothing like a full smoker. Ribs are foiled (trying 3-2-1), fattie and ABT's just went in. Just started to rain too, at least it held off this long.

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rain shouldn't be a problem tho......never had for me..........cept for being wet......LOLOL

now the WIND, is summin else
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lookin good Buddy.
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Looking good so far. Waiting for end results. I am sure they will be great.
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looks super. Now i want to see the after pics
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Finshed product (sorry the pic isn't better, everyone was anxious to eat). Everything was great, though I do wish the ABTs had japs instead of chili peppers.

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Awesome eats there. I had ham soup for supper. icon_frown.gif
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Sorry about that Andy, I'd say come get some but it is all gone. I hadn't smoked anything for three weeks (though I had smoked food last week), so I was ready. We also had cornbread and salad (cukes, onion and maters marinated in italian dressing). Mmmm Mmmm good.icon_eek.gif
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