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Q-View from Dominican Republic

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Actually had some decent Q while on vacation. They seem to know how to cook pork but the beef left a lot to be desired. But first this is the dump we had to endure for the week.

This is a shot of the BBQ ribs as prepared at the Chinese style restaurant. Don't let the portion fool you as it was all inclusive and they kept bringing more. Bones pulled out of the meat but still good bite and smoked flavored. I was pleasantly surprised.

Presidente beer wasn't bad either. Great to be back home and ready to smoke something even if it's my shorts!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Wow! I'll bet there were some good cigars to go along with them vittles to eh?!
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Cuban Kohiba's!
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Wonder what type of wood they used?
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Didn't think to ask anyone but didn't recognize much of the vegetation or the trees except the banana trees. Went to a party at the resort one night and they had a dinner buffet and had small pigs on spits cooking and carving right off of it. Didn't have my camera with me that time.
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Dang, that sounds nice.............
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Excellent choice
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looks like it was a lot of fun and good food
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Icruzen, where were you. The mrs and I went to Punta Cana last month. Great time!
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We were in Puerto Plata at a resort called Lifestyles Hacienda.
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Lou, Sounds very neat. Hang in there. The weather will break here soon. (tough on vacationing folk to come back here I know) NCAA tourney gets me through March.
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