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Lang mobile 60

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I have been asked several questions about the Lang 60. I wrote this a few months ago in the review section. It should answer some common questions.
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Nice Write up,

Nice Write up Jmedic,

I did find a few things in your link that I have found to work differently with my 60. When I want to cool my unit, I just close the vents up. I have found that when I open the firebox door, it adds more air to the unit and my temperature jumps right up, not the opposite. In fact, if I want 375 to 400, I leave the firebox door cracked a bit, and if I want 500 to 550 for pizzas or quick grilling, I open the firebox door and also crack open the cooker door a 1/4 inch. This allows me to ramp up very quickly as long as there is plenty of fuel. Also, I find that my 60 can be ready to cook (from cold)in 20 minutes easily as long as you use a brush burner or in my case, I have a log lighter:-)

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I agree Steve. I wrote this a month or so after I bought it. I have since learned a bit more. I have not tried to acheive the 500 mark. I haven't tried. I don't have a brush burner. I still like starting the old fashoned way. Hopefully this thread can turn into a Lang tips and tricks forum. Have you found that you are much hotter at the firebox end?
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With my 84 the longer the cook the closer the temp difference between the front and back is and the stoker makes it even closer.
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Not too much

At smoking temps, like 220 to 280, there should be very little differences from left to right. When at 225 on the left gauge, i am at 250 or so on the firebox side upper rack. When at 280 on the left gauge, i am at 295 on the firebox side upper rack.

The coolest spot in mine is bottom left rack which is typically 25 degrees less than the smokers gauge, but go up just a few inches to the upper rack and you are at the gauge temperature. The hottest spot is usually top right when smoking and bottom right when grilling. I bought 6 cheapo oven thermometers and made a chart for every cooking temp in comparison to the left gauge. For example, when all vents are open with food door ajar, and fire door ajar and a good fire, my gauge is at 500 for grilling, I am at 370, 430, and 500 left to right on the bottom and 460, 475, 500 on the top. So the higher the temps, the more the difference.

At 225, I am 210,220, and 240 on the bottom and 235,235,250 across the top. Biggest difference is 40 degrees.

My cast iron bottom grates may hold more heat, but I don't think they have changed its characteristics because they are all the same thickness. They are great for grilling, almost act like a pizza stone for pizza, and they don't rip the tinfoil. If anything, I probably improved the ability for it to recover temperature after opening the door because of the added mass, they are pretty thick and heavy.

Hope this helps,

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