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Best way I've found to clean my grates is to just fire up the gas grill, put it on high, throw the grates on, and let the heat cook everything off. Works great. Guess I have to use the gas grill for something. Doesn't see a whole lot of use anymore.
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I don't have a self cleaning oven, but I just clean mine in the kitchen sink with hot soapy water, and a chore boy. I also spay them down real good with cooking spay before I use them again.
Do you have to season them if they have a non stick coating on them? I have one of those fairly big fancy stainless steel propane grills from Wally World, and it has 3 cast iron grids with a thick black non stick coating.
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Where can I get some racoons? I used to live by the creek, there were lots of coons. Now I live over on the desert side of town No coons.

I have stainless grates and just shove them in the dishwasher.

My wife lets me do the bbq stuff in the dishwasher but i caught hell when I was blue printing my engine and cleaned the manifold and some other oily parts in there. Now I have to get prior approval.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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If they get nasty enough, yes, they should be thoroughly cleaned. Why do you want your food tasting like old stale grill grates? That is not flavor.
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Maybe you should consider a second dishwasher. LOLicon_lol.gif
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I use my gas grill as a "self cleaning" device. It gets extremely hot; I put my grates and racks in there and wire-brush 'em afterward.. Both that grill and my CGSP have cast-iron grates, so indeed re-seasoning is part of the equation.
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I put mine on top of the grates in my gas grill and cranked it up. It didn't take long and they scraped easy.
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Great tip for us newbies

Great post something I haven't tried yet but it's good to have a easier way to do it thanks guys
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Gill cleaning

My dad use to take the grill, after cooling, and laying it in the grass and letting them set over night. They cleaned up pretty good. Don't know if re-seasoning would be needed.
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My dad did that back in the 60's also.
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-I scrub off what i can by hand
-spray them w/ oven cleaner (not every time, but every few times) and let them sit for about one or 2 hours rinse/scrub them off
-throw them in the dishwasher under "pots & pans" and they come out looking like new...
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What works for me, and it's awesome

I have found the easiest way to clean the grates, or anything else for that matter, is have someone else do it. icon_smile.gif
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One quick and easy way to clean grates on a gas grill is to line the cooking surface with three or for layers of aluminum foil. Make sure to cover cooking area completely (place foil so it touches all of the sides of the grill body). The bottom sheet of foil is "shiny" side down. Weight foil down so it stays in place. Turn grill on high, and walk away. After a few minutes you wont believe the smoke and heat you will generate. Check after 15 minutes or so and all you will have on the grates is ash. Don't know why you couldn't put smoking grates directly on grill grates and let er go.
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