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Ribeyes with a touch of smoke

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My neighbors call me last night and say they've eaten ribeye every night for the last week. They've got 2 left and they don't want them, do I? Duh, yes I want them. I come home, fire up the grill, throw a little montreal steak seasoning on them and once the grill is up to temp, on they go. The grill was superhot so i threw on a chunk of hickory. It immediately started smoking and added just enough of a hint of smoke to make everything come together. I wish i would have taken a pic but I was in the mode and couldn't be bothered, hehehe. Take the time to do this with your next grill adventure and you'll be glad you did. Take care, Greg
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I've been doing all my steaks on the Weber lately with a handful of hickory chips....
It doesn't get alot but your right, well worth the effort!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Must be something in the air.....I just did a ribeye last night. cool.gif
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did t bones 2 nites ago allways on the webber with a few cant go
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yup even with the freezer full-picked up a few real good looking packs of rib eyes from cosco (my fav steak cept a porter)vac-packed for when I want a good grill-and oh my with a little smoke I in heaven.I like my steak naked but did add montreal to the grilled corn-zuccini-carrots-onions taters & green chilies-was a good din
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sounds good, smoke just makes everything better
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Wish my neighbors would give me some ribyes. I like that Montreal Steak Seasoning. LC in VA turned me on to that.
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I smoke ribeyes on the smoker at 225°-250° with a bit of Happy Holla Rub. I insert a probe horizontally in one until the probe tip is in the center of the steak (and NOT in fat). Then I smoke them to 135°F, medium rare.
I pull them off the smoker and let them rest about 20-30 minutes. Then I put them on a hot grill for about 3 minutes a side to give grill marks and a bit of grilled flavor.
They turn out juicy and perfect.
And they are mighty good with my smoked taters.
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I'll be doing mine tonight. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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