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To hang or not to hang

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Thanks for the help with my last question on wood suggestions for smoking sausage I think I'll try apple with a little hickory. I'm still taking suggestions though. My second question is about hanging. Do you have to have sausage or will it kill the flavor to lay them on the grates and flip them half way through? Thanks
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lay them in your smoker they will turn out fine i use hickory for my sausage its to good to mess with any other wood
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I prefer to hang the sausage.
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i allways just lay them on the racks .seams to work fine.
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i dont think it really matters as long as either way you make sure whether hanging or laying to make sure space between to allow smoke contaact all the way around. i hang on oak dowels cut to fit top rack mounts of my GOSM, allows me to prehang outside of smoker and make sure all adjusted ok and when done grab the whole dowel and into icewater when done. just seems a little bit easier. either way will work,personal preferance on this one
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My opinion is it is only cosmetic advantages to hang sausage. DOES look better. No flavor difference I have noticed.
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I like to hang mine-have done flat also just a me thing-the bible says most sausagemakers will not use fruit woods-I use hickory.
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chug..........far as i am concerned.......what ever floats your boat........check out minbill's post on his snack stick........they was layed flat........and looked finest kind
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Nothing wrong with putting them on the shelf. I did it this way for years when all I used was an ECB. Now I hang all my salamis, summers and polish type sausages. I think I will lay my snack sticks on my racks, as I feel I maximize capacity, (plus it's a pain to hang each of those little devils). I'm not sure I would even worry about turning them, other than the cosmetic effect, which, as has been stated, doesn't affect flavor. Good luck, and be sure to let us know how it works out.
post #10 of 15 did you control your temps with a ecb............the 130 for a hour..........then raise the temps with smoke for so long at a certain temp.........the raise once get the internals needed?
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I don't think it really matters.......IT just depends on the room you have in your smoker...... I think hanging in some smokers allows for more sausage to be smokered. But like in my little cheif I don't think it would matter either way..........
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That is beautiful, man! I'm voting to include that word in the smoking lexicon! PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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yup smokered has been added to this cowboys vocabulary fer sure.
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It wasn't easy, or fun for that matter. A lot of babysitting, a lot of ventilation experimentation. Some ruined sausage, a lot of running fat, shriveled sausage, but edible. It never went according to Hoyle thats for sure, but I somehow occasionally managed to produce enough decent sausage that I got hooked like the rest of us, and have progressed to a point where I'm fairly comfortable making it. It's what I had available at the time, but I certainly wouldn't recommend starting that way.
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You don't have to hang them, but grandpa always did, I wouldn't hang snack sticks if it were me. As to wood, hickory, or corn cob. Grandpa used those two nearly all the time, used his apple for bacon and hams mixed in with his hickory.

Oh, still brings back memories of that old smoke shack and the fantastic goodies that came out of there!
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