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smoked black pepper

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I was reading a Rosengarten report and he mentioned smoked black pepper. I don't recall seeing anyone post about this. I googled it and there are different places that sell smoked black pepper(corns).

I'm thinking of trying this, it would take rubs to a new level, and add a slight smokey flavor to foods that haven't been smoked!

Waadaya think?
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Can't hurt. As I have mentioned before, an interesting aroma/flavor can be imparted to your thin blue with a small handful of corns. Try that too!
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Great idea! I've smoked salt before but for some odd reason I've never considered pepper. Might just have to give it a whirl. Gonna cold smoke some bacon this weekend. May add a cup of pepper to a pan and see what happens.
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Hey Shelley, that is a great idea. It always amazes me how I can read something like you just posted, and say to my self, gee, why didn't I think of that? confused.gif
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Shelly I smoked some pepper awhile back...it turned out great.
Since then I've smoked a lot more spices, paprika too. I store them in pint canning jars.
They are keeping their smokey flavor.

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scratches his head and say's-WOW what a concept-theres always room in the smoker for a little smoked spice.Damn I love this place-thanks Shelly
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I know I did the same thing! I call that a DUH moment. I'm thinking how good this would be, smoked peppercorns in a pepper grinder, talk about pizzazz!!! One way to have a smoked salad!!

I tried smoked paprika peppers last year, unfortunately, I didn't pay close enought attention and they got way over done. I still have some dried paprika from those peppers though!
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