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Newbie with wood questions

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I am planning on smoking some sausage in the next few days. The mixture is half venison half pork. I have used alder and cherry before. I preferred alder but I might have smoked with the cherry too long. Does any one have suggestions for wood. I was thinking apple. maybe mixing apple and cherry. Any suggestions are welcome. Some of the sausage will have jalapeño in it. Thanks.
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Ill beat everyone else to the punch... Stop in Roll Call and give us some back ground ... now to answer your question, I use a mix of Apple and Hickory on my sausage and love it... Good to have ya here.
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ya what fireguy says about roll call-the bible says no fruit wood on sausage-hickory is best-but just my many links worth-or is that 2 cents?
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I am using a mixture of ash, apple and hickory right now. Usually I just use ash.

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Apple on ANYTHING is good IMO... Hickory is traditional on alot of sausages tho. OAk as well.
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For sausage I have used hickory for years and a little mesquite, but lately have really been enjoying apple. I need to start trying others also; I have pecan, cherry, alder and maple. Need to find some good oak.....
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I smoked a fatty with cherry this weekend and it was killer!

I have apple, pear and mapple just give it to June to use.


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I use hickory and some apple, like them both!
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