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Taste of Grand Rapids SMF gathering

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July 25, 2008 is the Taste of Grand Rapids BBQ contest. While there are usually a few of us that get together how about this year we set up a mutual meeting time?

Any one interested in having a "get together" based around the contest?
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I tried to get some info on this- is there an official rules/homepage?
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I am interested. Do we bring smokers/cookers, or just booze?...........or both!

Is there a link to this event?
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There is limited information right now on the competition. The rules will be based on KCBS rules however if you are interested there will be a contest in Silver Lake too that has a backyard competition and would be cool if we all wanted to compete with each other.

For a small gathering we can see if anyone is planning on competing and use their site for a gathering. BBQ Bubba are you planning on coming back again?

I was thinking about signing up with the judging class and competing in Silver Lake.

Taste of Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, MI
STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Rich Berry, 77 Monroe Center, Suite 1000, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.
Phone: 616-776-5471. Fax: 616-242-9373. richberry@clearchannel.com
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Sooo...it's gonna be a full comp? Brisket, etc.? I would consider it, but that's gonna require a couple guys... Teacup? Anyone?
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Interesting that they got a "State Championship" label. I thought Silver Lake had a lock on that? According to the sanctioning rules, that title is only awarded after a state governer's proclamation.
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There's 4 comps this year in Mi Rich and their ALL state championships!!
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Sounds very Granholmish to me ;{)
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If this is not too far from Det. I may plan of popping out there to meet some of the people from forum. I am not into the competition thing (not my bag). I believe my last 2 weeks of vacation is in around that time. will have to double check that.

Isn't Silver Lake where Sand dunes or something like that?
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bb, the mrs and I went out to T of GR last year just to meet some folks from SMF. Had a great time! Recommend it to anyone that lives somewhat close, to go.

And yes, Silver Lakes state park is where the dunes are. Eastern shore of Lake MI, north of Muskegon and south of Ludington.

SCOTSMEN will be at both places for the comps. Ya'll come by and say Howdy!
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That's what I thought. Me and my wife went there (before we were married) for a weekend about 20 years ago. Maybe I can set something up with Richtee and maybe follow him out there if he is going. Oh SHOOT, better ask the wife is she can/wants to go.....
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Even if you are not interested in the competition it is a great way to get a few of us around to say hey.

If the Smokin' Scots do not mind may be we could use their spot as a gathering point aim for a particular time and have a Northern SMF gathering.

If memory serves me right we had over 1/2 dozen members there last year and if we take a look around the forum there are a lot more members from Michigan and surrounding areas than we had last year.

Come join us
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Why are all these things so far away from me? My first thought was I'd love to come up and lend Rich a hand (and learn a little) but I just mapped it and it is 11 hours plus it is on Friday. That would be hard. I visited some relatives in Grand Rapids about 25 years ago but I was just a lad then.
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If Saturday works better we can meat or I mean meet on Saturday after the competition is over.

But good BBQ is worth the drive right?
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Hey..thanks for the offer... but yeah, that's a hellish long way. Maybe Teacup and I can hook up. If not just go and visit the Burnin' Kilt guys heh...
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I will probably go. I am supposed to help another buddies team(bartender), so I will be there anyways. If anyone gets a link to the event, please post it.
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Soo..i'm curious..what drinks can be smoked on a Lang?!?
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Think thats what we did last year. Used them as a gathering point. I'm sure its ok, but maybe need to PM them????

In attendance last year from what I remember: Bud, Tonto, BBQ Bubba, Crewdawg52, Cheech, Wateryeyes (where the hell did he go?), and spouses. If I forgot anyone, sorry. Really good time with BBQ demos, music, and some really good Que (after the judging of course)!

Road trip for Michiganers!!! PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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Hey I've been away from the forum for a while with work crazy & having to snowblow the drive seems like every nightPDT_Armataz_01_17.gif. I do plan on getting back into the summer smoke, both outside & on the forum.

I hope to make the taste of GR to see all the SMF clan that are there. I live in Oceana county only a few miles from the Silver Lake Comp & plan on being there for sure.
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