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Dutch's Stuffed Pork Loin

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Hey Everybody! Yep, it's me!

Listen, can anyone tell me where my friend, Dutch's, recipe is hiding for "Stuffed Pork Loins"? It was in my Barbeque Bible and has somehow grown legs and disappeared....LOL!

I emailed him, but haven't heard back from him as yet and it's the menu dejure this weekend! Any help from some of you you old time SMF like me would be appreciated!


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Is this what you are looking for:

Nice to see you Jeff......thought you were a made up character in Mr Phillip's computer ;->
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Man....that was fast! And Yes, it's exactly what I was looking for, Thank you!

Yes, I actually do work has been all consuming as of late and leaves little time for me to get on the site. Hopefully that will change soon! I'm glad to see SMF going like gangbusters! And to think we used to be a little yahoo group!
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Jeff, the finishing sauce hero!!!

Welcome back, it's nice to finally see you.

:::Looks around, Hey guys look who's back!""
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Thanks, Ron. I'm glad some of my wisdom still permeates the site.

I'll definitely have to peek around at some of the posts!
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In your absence, your pulled pork finishing sauce has been covering very well for you !!!
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I still like the mustard sauce the best! Good to hear from you Jeff!
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Hey Jeff,
Man it's really great to hear from you again! The finishing sauce, the chile recipe and all the help with the brisket (cut it like buda) ... much appreciated. Hope to hear more from you soon.
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Wow! It is so great to hear from all my old friends again! Funny how we can let work detract us from such a outstanding group of people and fellow enthusiasts.
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Bit of an old thread but I came across it in the searches while just...well I guess just searching the site, the link is invalid so I figure it was probably due to the horrific crash, anyways...
Dutch (or anyone else) could you link me to or repost your stuffed pork loin recipe?
Thanks icon_wink.gif
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Glad to see you Jeff! Stop by more often and BS.
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I'm really glad you re posted it for I couldn't open the first one so thanks there Geek. Then it's nice to have you back there Jeff.
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