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Does anyone have one of these????? And if so how does it work.

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From that site "Operates on minimal water pressure."?????
I would not buy one of those. I have one of these types, and love it.

There are other dealers and different makes, but this style works for me.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those stuffers are popular here. where I live. But another reason they are popular here is the water stuffers are made in North Dakota. I have never seen one in operation but have heard nothing but good about them. The place where I purchase most of my sausage spices sells them and they tell me the stuffers are good quality and work well, these people have been very honest with me for nearly 8 years and I have gotten to know them quite well.

I use the same brand stuffer as you in the 2 speed, 25 lb. vertical.
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