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in need of jerky and pepperoni recipes

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After noon, I'm wanting to try doing some jerky and pepperoni (beef sticks). Not sure what I need to do it with. Anyone who's willing to send some recipes I'd sure be greatfulicon_smile.gif . What cuts of meat do I need to be purchasing? Do you have to make your jerky very sweet seems some I've boughten is way to sweet and I really don't won't either one overly salty though I do light salticon_lol.gif. a little heat is nice but not everyone deals well with that. Any how if you would let me know your ideas on this again I'd appreciate it. Thanks Much KM Have a Good one
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Try the store bought mixes, from cabelas, gander mountain etc. Mix up a larger batch, and then break it down and doctor the smaller ones with spices that you like. I haven't done much in the way of beef sticks, except for the 15lbs this weekend, store bought and turned out well. Jerky I usually get Hi-mountain and doctor it a little. Also you can check around here, there are some good recipes if you do a little search. I'm sure others will be along shortly.

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When I run out of venison to make jerky from (thankfully, this rarely happensPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif )I purchase London broil Or i buy burger and "shoot" it through my jerky shooter.
Cabalas, Bass pro and Dicks sporting goods sell some good mixes as well.

A very basic recipe:
1/2 cup Teriyaki
1/2 cup Soy sauce
red pepper flake to taste
Garlic powder to taste

Other good additions:
dry mustard
root bear
various peppers
fish sauce
sesame seed oil
different hot sauces

Good luck.
It took me a while (about two years) to come up with my recipe..

Have Fun..
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Thanks Chris, it seems like allot of sweet contents in the package stuff, I have a couple of the Hi Mountain flavors, do you have to put in the full amount of that package to have it work properly? I just don't want it real sweet.:o) Thanks again
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Thanks John appreciate any and all suggestions, yip my next purchase will be the Jerky Shooter or what ever they call it at Cabales, I got a Pro Grinder when I picked up the smoker the other day as I thought I might try grinding my own meat when I am wanting it in that for :o). Again thanks for your help KM :o)
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you don't have to put in the full amount of seasoning, but you do have to put the full amount of cure in. I know hi-mountain sells an original beef jerky cure, had that a couple times and its not that sweet. Also if you want to, just pick up some tenderquick, follow the directions on that and then add your own spices. Its all really just a big experiment until you get a recipe down that you like. I like a sweet and spicy jerky, so I usually get the teryaki mix ( comes in an orange bag at gander mountain cant remember the name) and then mix some brown sugar and cayanne pepper and sprinkle it on the top just before it goes in the smoker.

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Kmad...i do the london's sliced as jerky often...and it's not too salty and not too sweet !!! for the dehydrator i slice at 1/8 inch and for the smoker
i make them like 1/4 incher's i try to soak atleast two day's....there is several way's but my fave's been pretty much the worcestershire , garlic , and cracked black pepper...i use 8oz colgins worcestershire with 8 oz hot water to start probably 2tbsp minced garlic and as much pepper as you like , i like the colgin's cause it has some liquid hickory smoke in it allready.. and it's just a lil sweet and not salty at all....then just smoke till consistency you like is reached...super simple ans tasty =D
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So the Tenderquick isn't a sweet additive. I used it when I smoked some turkeys at christmas but can't say the turkeys seemed sweet. This just might be the way to go.Then I can add the things I Like.I may get the Jerky cannon at the Bass pro site. They have additional things for stuffing attachments that may come in handy Thanks Chris for more info. :o) have a Great Evening KM
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I believe I had some of the Colgin's Liquid smoke before I'll get some of the other and try it also.Thanks for more info.:o) :o)Have a Good One
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Does london broil roast make a better jerky meat than round, or top of round? Just wondering. I have never ever made jerky, and I want to give it a try. I have a wonderful relationship with my local butcher, so I can get any cut of beef that I want. I just need to know what everyone prefers.

Feel free to PM me if ya like.
Thanks in advance
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London Broil is cut from the top round
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I prefer bottom round when I make jerky.
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IMHO a whole eye of round sliced 1/4" lengthwise with the grain makes the best, most consistant jerky. Long straight muscle fibers run the length of the eye of round. Lean and no muscle seams running through it...usually more expensive then top or bottom round.$3.99 reg price $2.00 on sale. top and bottom round make some fine jerky, but usually have more waste, and muscle fibers run in different directions.
Just a dumb meat cutters opinion!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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