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Good Afternoon from Columbus Indiana

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Just joined today and am already impressed. I have been smoking for about 8 years I guess. Started with a New Braunfels unit from Sams club. Not a bad unit but uneven heat. I lived in KC then.

I have moved to Indiana to be close to the kids and retire. I left the old smoker with a friend so I am in the market for a new one. Any suggestions would be great.


Mr toasty
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Welcome to SMF Mr.T. Nice to have you! I guess any of the similar types would suit you. And that unit can be modded for better heat control, if you are feeling nostalgic.
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Welcome to the site. Glad to have you.
Tons of good smokers out there. Take your pick.
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Welcome to the SMF!! I am really pleased with my Bar B Chef offset! Barbeque Gallore just raised the price to $239... A lot of the mods i did to the char griller are already done stock with this one and it has heavier gauge metal than the char griller.....:

For fuel efficiency.... the UDS is the way to go...12-14 hrs on around 8lbs of charcoal...:

Char griller is a little cheaper.... after mods were done it turns out good grub....:

It all depends on what you want, fuel choice, budget, room ya have....
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Gald you joined us, welcome to SMF !!!
Here is a link to a thread in case you have not seen it that kind of gives a run down at a glance of what a few of them SMF members are using for their smokes. Figured it might give you a few ideas -
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Welcome Mr. Toasty. I lived in Columbus for a couple of years (96-99). Got married in the courthouse there and had my first child there. Followed my folks up there (my dad worked for Cummins, as did I while I was there). You'll love this site. Share your knowledge with us newbies. Thanks.
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Welcome aboard, nice to have you!
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Welcome, im sure your experiance will help many in the futer..
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Welcome to the site..............Glad to have you here.................
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