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84 Longneck with stoker Pics

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Here ya go smokin steve.
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Out of the loop here. Is that stoker on the Lang? Does not appear so in the pics.
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Yup I hooked up with John from Rocks BBQ to fabricate the first setup for the Lang last year. He now has the setup on his site.
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Very nice!

Thanks for posting the pics!

Nice unit you have there. The "Stoker" must be a competitor of Guru? Do you use all firewood or what do you like to burn? Have you done any mods to your firegrate or anywhere else on that nice looking smoker?

Is that a steak grill on the front? I have never seen a close up of one of those and how they are set-up. Sometime, if you get a chance, could you sneak some pics of the front grill too?

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Ya I don't have any of the grill yet but the weather is supposed to be good this week so I may get some off to you. No other modes except a charcoal basket and I usually start out with 20lbs of charcoal as a base of coals and then just all wood. I don't cook with her during the winter I use my Backwoods in the garage were I have heat ,beer and Jack thats all a body needs oh and BBQ.
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Thanks in advance,

Thanks in advance Smokinit:-)

It will be cool to see how Ben Lang makes the grills:-) I am thinking about making a slide out basket/woodgrate for my 60. I don't have a need yet for the Stoker but I think the technology is pretty cool. Hey, I noticed you are only about 6 hours from my house----If you ever want to upgrade and sell this one----private message me and I will take a drive south my friend!!

Thanks Again,

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Stoker and Guru Links

In case some readers are wondering what the stoker is, I have put a Stoker and a Guru Link so you can do some reading:-)
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That may be in the works for next year I do alot of pig roasts and I can cut way back on my tending time by going with the Backwoods hog cooker. I will deffinately keep you in mind. Keep on smokinit!!biggrin.gif PS thanks for putting up those links i tend to forget not everyone knows what they are.
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Oh thats just great, something else i need to buy! I bet those lil dealies aren't cheap! Looks like a sweet smoker/rig. Looks like ya need a couple more accourding to your sig!
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You can't ever have enough smokersicon_lol.gif The stoker set up for the lang I belive is around $300.00. I give you permision to get oneicon_lol.gif
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( in the tim taylor toolman voice) he cocks his head and say's " huh?". Oh don't you dare tease me like that.
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Thats a damn nice rig........................
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