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Smoked Pork

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Well, the wife picked up what she thought were Pork spare ribs awhile back. I am not sure what exactly they were. No rib bones, but one small bone at top of one section, none thru out the cut. I am in the process of emptying out our freezer of excess cuts of meat. We also had something that looked like cuts of Country Style Ribs, but smaller. I also wanted to try the propane conversion on my Charcoal GOSM smoker again. No, I am not ditching charcoal, but on extra long smokes, this will be more cost effective.

Larger pieces done up with Jeff's Rib Rub. Smaller pieces with Durkee's Chicken and Rib Rub. (Very good for store bought)

I used a propane hot plate setup in place of the charcoal pan, feeding the line thru the side vent. My problem had been with the metal can allowing the wood chunks to catch fire too easily. Poppadock gave me a small fry pan that the handle had broke on. I put a sheet of aluminum foil in the bottom, then a small layer of sand and placed the can on it's side in the pan. It worked GREAT. Never caught fire and gave off good smoke.

Also had some venison Sausage to do along with the baked potatoes. I figured the cuts of pork at no more than 4 hours, 3 1/2 for the strips of pork. Both were wrapped in foil for about 1 1/2 hours of the smoke. Potatoes were on the small side so 1 hour out, 1 hour in, then 1/2 hour out. Man were they done nice.

Sausage came out good too. Gonna finish them off with some fresh yard eggs.

Dinner's on.
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Yummy, That looks great. I am amazed at all the great smokes. Wtg.
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way to get rid of lost meats in the deep freeze. Excellent thread and great pics, like always!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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gosh flash.......from the looks of could of almost turned that into bacon.........

nice smoke session
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Good looking grub....Great job.........
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yeah, that side shot does look like it, doesn't it. PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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Looks great. Good variety, even the veggies look good. Good job!
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Excelent job there.
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