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Great deer loin

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We just ate a deer loin that I smoked in the Bradley, it was great! I used a prime rib recipe I got on the net. It used Olive oil, garlic,black pepper salt and thyme. I coated it yesterday morning and left it in the fridge until this afternon. Put it in a aluminum pie plate and it went into the smoker set at 220 with hickory pucks. and ran around 1.5 hours until it hit 138 degrees internal. I pulled it out and let it rest around 10 minutes before we ate it. Here is a pick of the little piece that was left(If my wife and daughte ate as much as my son and I it would have been all gone ) Will do this again for sure!! Oh and I sprinkled a few onions on top before smoking too.


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Now that is a good lookin loin!!
Nice job! wink.gif
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man that looks great, never thought of cookin' like a PR, got keep that one on the list, (things to smoke list).
Keep up the good work.

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Mighty tastey vittles your whopped up there! Great idear!
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Nice lookin' loin!! Great job!!
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now that looks good ! ive got a couple ven loins in the freezer ill have to try it.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very good looking venison loin, appears to be done perfectly for my taste buds.... MMmmm !!!
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