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MES Temp Control Problem?

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I have been checking the temp control of my new 40" MES that I purchased from Sams. It looks like the unit's controller is about 20 deg off.

I have used both a Taylor wired probe and a wireless probe and they both match the reading that the MES is running 20 Degrees too hot.

So if I set the MES to 220, it will regulate between 198 and 201 but my probes are reading around 240.

I have place one of these probes in free air next to the MES temp sensor. the other probe is in an apple that acts as a holder on the center rack.

How close should the MES controller be?


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Hi Brian
From time to time someone will comment on the MES running too hot....then you never hear more about it......It seems to not be a problem that lasts long but you can adjust down if you like.....Did you have meat in the smoker when you took these readings?....that would probably affect things....Also how long was the unit warmed up?.....Might take some time for the thing to reach equilibrium....

I have never checked the temps against the controller in either of mine and am satisfied with the outcome.....

For me smoking meat is not an exact science but more of an art form.

Since you say it is new I would not be concerned yet and just throw a few smokes at it and decide later....Enjoy the tripicon_wink.gif
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I have checked the temperature in my 30" and it was right on, I have never checked it in the 40".

Made a good point, cold or chilled meat will affect the actual interior smoker temp until the meat reaches a "room" temperature in the smoker.
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Thanks Illini & MossyMo, I checked mine empty after about an hour warm up time. I agree with you Illini, the few times I have used it, I've had execellent results. Because of that, I almost did not bother to check readings.

One thing I'm wondering is that here in Indy, the outside temp is about 35 deg. I wonder if because the MES temp sensor is on the back wall of the unit that is is affected by outside temp?
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I think you hit the nail right on the head. The exterior is getting cold and the sensor is located on the wall. In warmer weather there won't be as much difference. I also put a larger drip pan in mine, on the rack just above the water pan, so that it tends to deflect the rising heat towards the walls. I was able to stay around 9° difference in 30° outside temps.
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DaveNH, I like your idea of the larger pan. Where did you get the one your using?


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Brian...I use one of those disposable aluminum roasting pans and line it with a piece of aluminum foil. I just toss the foil liner and reuse the pan.
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I called Masterbuilt Customer Service today (to order two additional door latches), and while on the phone, I questioned the girl about temperature regulation accuracy.

I explained how I had placed two different digital probes in two different locations into an empty MES. I let the unit run for an hour with a 220 degree setpoint.

After and hour, the two separate probes both showed 240 deg, while the MES was happily showing (and regulating) at 220 deg.

According to the Customer Service Representative, She stated that you can not (should not) use a single probe temperature sensor to measure the internal working temperature of the MES. She went on to explain that the electronic control unit uses "multiple sensors" to arrive at an average temperature and that is how the unit regulates and displays it's temperature. I asked her exactly how many sensors are used and where are they located. She said she has been told that the MES has 4-6 sensors and that she wasn’t sure where they were located but that they were "spread out".

Well, I do not believe this to be correct. I have seen one (1) sensor "a thermosistor" mounted around the back-center-left.

While I'm not so concerned if the unit accurately regulates temperature and just need to be checked to see what offset setting needs be use. Such as setting the controller to 200 deg if that is actually closer to a cooking temperature of 220 degrees.

What seems odd about all of this, is that Masterbuilt Customer Service personnel are not giving out factual information.

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