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Smoking chicken w/out skin???

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I smoked a whole chicken and it turned out good. But not being a skin eater, I would like to find a way to get more rub/ smoke flavor on the chicken. Is removing the skin the best option or rubbing under the skin. I am afraid if I remove the skin before smoking I will lose moisture.
Any advice?
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Rubbing under the skin would work. You can also put a light coating of mayonaise on the bird. It will help the rub adhere better to the meat.
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Thanks Flash

The rub stuck to the skin pretty well, but I discard the skin, so hardly any rub left.
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What if you injected your flavor into the bird? Ya know, sorta like when you fry a turkey? I fry alot of turkey each year, I inject all of them with a marinade, the skin goes becuase I have alot of honey in my marinade and it will caremalize beneath the skin and looks almost black (some say it's burnt, but it's not) there is a huge amound of flavor in them birds even with the skin gone. Just a thought for your chicken.
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Brine and rub under the skin... The only skinless chicken I have been able to smoke and come out moist are boneless, skinless thighs. These are real good..
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Keep the skin on,

Keep the skin on, but, here is a trick--- mince garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, and rub, then, with the bird on its back, break the membrane of the skin with a spoon, slide the spoon under the skin (in between the skin and the breast), then start stuffing some mixture in there. You will be left with moist flavor full breast meat. I do cook birds standing up on a can so they cook much quicker and don't dry out.
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