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New to the forum and fairly inexperienced smoker here. I just trimmed our apple tree and would like to use the wood to smoke chicken and ribs. Can I use the very small ends of the branches, or is that too much bark compared to wood? I've only used pre-packaged chips before, and would like to use the apple wood. Would appreciate any additional advice on using fresh cut wood also-drying, soaking, etc.

Thanks, Norm
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I think it may be better to use the "woody parts" as opposed to the green sappy stuff. I would worry about tar and creosote build up. It would help to know what kind of smoker you are using. If it is a stick burner, I doubt it would matter unless you are chucking the box full of the stuff, but if it is a smaller model that you just add chunks or chips too, I think I would at least make sure that the twigs are dry, not green. Just my 2 cents worth.
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Using Brinkman

I'm not sure what a "stick burner" is but I'm using a Brinkman smoke 'n grill. How long do we let green branches dry out before using?
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This is a stick burner!

I have one of what you have too, a charcoal burner

I would say that if you can keep the branches out of the rain for a week or two, should be good to go!
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