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Country Ribs and Wicked Beans - Q-view

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Smokin' up some country ribs (thanks to those here that helped) and some of Dutch's Wicked Beans. Smell good and looking forward to digging in to these.

These are my first Q-view hope they work. I didn't relize my smoker was sitting so out of level until I saw the pic of the beans.

Ready for the smoker.

In the smoker and ready to go.

Two hours on and first spritz.
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Hey Dawg! Looks grand...

Did you just let the meat drip into the beans? Sounds like a lovely idea...

I've got a slab of baby backs in the Smoke Vault right now, and the neighbors are hollorin' over the fence at me with hunger in their eyes.

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Yep just let the juice drop into the beans and they are unbelievable. Best beans I have ever had.
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Nice Q-view, and Buck, ya better guard the vault!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Looks great. Got my GOSM w/propane mod cranking also.
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Dang Dawgg!!!!

That looks gooooooood! Not only was my mouth watering but I thought I heard blue grass music looking at those country ribs & beans.

I should have left a noonish time to get there to try them out. I'm sure the family is going to enjoy them.

Great Job!!!!!!
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Got them all finished up and ate. Dang them were good and the beans were fantastic. I put some sauce on three of the ribs and left the other three with just the rub and apple juice spritz. They were all moist and tender.

Pics a little fuzzy but still viewable.

Time to eat!!

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I guess the smoker being out of level didn't effect the great looking chow that you made today

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Those sure look good. I thought that I smelled smoke it the air!
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Looks mighty tastee. My cousin (LC in VA) let the drippings from his pork loin drip in his beans on Sat., it does the taste buds good.
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lookin' mighty fine we cut the country style ribs here in a different way we take a pork loin bone in and filet it out in two cuts so it lays out flat works best with center cuts but I like the ends beter more fat and flavor less dry to.
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Nice, real nice.
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Looks damn good!

How long and what temp did you run them?
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Wow, that is some fine Q
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Looks awesome Big Dawgg.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Big Dawgg
Excellent looking smoke !!!
If ever by chance you have left over smoked meat, shred it up and stir it in to your next batch of beans, the beans get even better !!!
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I heated up some of the leftovers tonight and did just that, shredded some of the meat and put in the beans. Dang good stuff! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif We love the Dutch's Wicked Beans.
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The country ribs seem like they'd be good smoked. More smoke flavor per sq in. I might have to try that! Looks good!
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Great looking grub.............Love country style ribs in the smoker myself..........Good job..........
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Really nice! Those beans are next on my list PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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