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Maryland Fatties!

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Decided to throw a few of Gramason's recipe together today....

Has crab, chopped onion, taco cheese, and magic dust rub.... a little bacon to help hold her together

fatty #1 with rub on outside

fatty #2 with rub on inside

One is for my Boss... he's been on me - wantin' one....

firebox with lump and some preburnt wild cherry and wild cherry chunks just added the chimney full of hot coals....

Started at 1045... now at 128* meat temp... smoker is holding at 217*
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Looks good...........Hope it turns out for you............
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Sound and look like they are going to be fine eatin!
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Sounds good. I love cooking with cherry because it smells so good! Do you have trouble with the wood flaming up when you put the chunks directly on the coals like that?
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looks good and it never hurts to brown nose to the boss.
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Finished fatties

Jaynik- they do light up some... but they flavor the meat really well... and I do not get much temp spike...

All turned out good!
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there's nothing better than anything wrapped in bacon and smoked. Looks great! I'd probably eat a turd if you wrapped it in bacon and smoked it. (I hope I never learn if I really mean that...)
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The q-vue looked tasty enough to lick off the screen. Great job!!
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Those turned out to be fine vittles indeed!
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