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My hats off to you, your bacon looks great. I use a slightly different method and it can be found as a sticky under the bacon section on this site. I have not tried the paprika bacon nor have I ever tasted it before, I'm sure RichT has! Do you think it is something a non Hungarian might like? I'd sure like to try your method for making it but I could use a bit more information on how you did that. Do you fry it after the simmering / coating step or what?

There was a short "Bo-Hunk" written article on here about sticking a square chunk if it on a stick over an open fire and dripping the fat onto crusty bread on this site some time ago. Anyway if you can provide us some more detail on your method it would be greatly appreciated!

Or maybe RichT could weigh in too, I have a feeling he knows something about this as well.

In the Meanwhile Andy, I'm posting you a point for your efforts, I know how much work it is to make a rack of bacon like that!
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Jimbo, I think that anyone that likes cured, smoked bacon and enjoys the taste of Hungarian Paprika will love this. Once the bacon is cool enough, wrap in foil and into the fridge. Slice it about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch thick, eating it right from the fridge. I have never tried to fry it once it was paprika bacon. Will give it a try though. And thanks for points.

After curing, I tried a piece and found it too salty. So I soaked in cold water for 1/2 hour. And still too salty for me, re applied cold bath for another 1/2 hour. It was cold smoked for about 6 hrs. ***As regular bacon, I found this just right. BUT for paprika bacon I would recommend NOT to soak in water just a rinse let dry and to cold smoke around 8 hrs. The reason for this (I just tried the paprika bacon) is when boiling to cook the bacon, alot of salt and smoke came out of the it (it was missing those flavors)***

Maybe the next time I will boil in garlic water for some added taste.
Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please ask.

As far as the bacon on the open camp fire, I remember doing this as a kid. Do not remember the name of it or exactly how we did it. I do know that Rich will know cause we had a breif chat about it not long ago.

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Yumm... just had my last package Sunday AM. Really a good flavor with bacon!
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Hungarian recipes

Here is a link to Hungarian pork recipes. Google for a translator program or if you know someone who speaks it, even better. I'm part Hunky and grew up eating, szalona, hurka, kolbasz, etc. The best!

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