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Greetings from the Front Range of the Rockies

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Just registered.

Been smoking a bit, but I've got a lot more to learn.

I'm using a "Camp Chef" Smoke Vault, and I'm on my second year with it.

The most succesful smokes have been with Hams. I've run a few Briskets through it with limited success. I'm doing some Baby Backs tomorrow.

I'm going to poke around the site for a while now, and figure out where everything is.

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Welcome to SMF !!!
Hang around here a while and your future smokes should improve even more !!!
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Welcome aboard Buck! Lots of friendly helpfull folks here!
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Welcome to the board Buck nice place enjoy
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to the forum from the back range!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif . Keith
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Welcome Buck

Welcome to the SMF Buck. Lots of nice folks on here to give advise for most anything you want to smoke.

Happy Smokin

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Hey Buck , if you have any questions you have the right place to look. I think you will enjoy smf
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Told you so!!

Welcome to the site.
Buck_snort is my stepdad in RL and was the first to turn me on the wonderfull world of meat smoking. So i thought i'd return the favor and tell him of the best forum on the subject.
Last i knew he was still surfin the site.

Hey buck....what time did you say those ribs will be done?
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Buck Snort, I know that place. Welcome from another Mile High resident icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to the site....Glad your here........
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Welcome Buck. At least you shouldn't have any problem getting some Coors to go with you Q.
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Hi Bert,

Thanks for the welcome.

BudMillOors ain't beer, though... My garage used to be my brewery. I've received several medals, certificates, and ribbons for my homebrew enteries. I used to use Coors to rinse the sanitizer out of my fermentors when making up a batch. There's now so many good Craft Style brews in the area that I finally asked myself why I was knocking myself out for 10 hours per batch. See if you can find some "Left Hand" brews in your area. It's made about 2 miles from the house. Better yet, schedule a trip to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival. I think it's in October. I used to spend the whole week there serving the judges and the public as a volunteer with our homebrew club. You will never look back... ;-)

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Buck Shorts, there must be a story BEHIND that one! Welcome to the SMF. you'll enjoy the friendly folks here who like to share good experinces.
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