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Sick Of Snow!!!

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Anyone else sick of white?

This is what its doing at my house...Lake effect...ahhhhhhh

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Looks the same today over here to your west. I'm with ya, just plain old tired of it.....
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Yup, the snow missed us last night, but I'm sure tired of it and the cold! Man do I wish spring would get here!
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I hear all you guys......I to am sick of the snow and cold here to......We have been lucky this winter and not alot of snow but still enough.......
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I lost count of how many inches after it hit 100......
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We are having some of our "teaser" days today. But more in the forecast. We had quite a blizzard earlier in the week. Lost 2 calves that day, and one fell over a cliff and broke his leg. I think I'd go over the deep end if I had to deal with that lake effect snow. My gawwdicon_eek.gif
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This is what I think of this season right now................
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JimR - great pic

Yea, 60+ inches in metro Dee-troit for the season and count me as sick of it.
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love the pic

that snowman says it all.........our lake effect is nonstop and we're heading for the second foot tonight supposedly. This is hell on the "how much to cook" dilemma we go through daily at the restaurant.
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LMAO!!! I am saving this and posting at work!
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I just made it my background lol
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That snowman rocks! I know where you are all coming from being in Chicago.

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this truely sad

the snow is blowing sideways and my smoker has been tossed back against the fence, Gawd I WANT SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just got a start on the smoke and it's SNOWING! SNOWING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I wan't this to end! Please, can we have some spring!?
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Can You Find The Smoker?

There is a smoker, a grill, and a motorcycle in this picture. Can you find them? This is actually from the storm we had right before Christmas of 2K6...

Ummm... Nevermind... The picture was not the right size for the uploader.

I just registered today, and haven't got this stuff figured out yet. icon_cry.gif

Gotta do some more learning about this site...

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if you go through photobucket...its lot easier
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Sorry guys but living in Minnesota for 12 yrs has really made me miss the snow, in Ohio.... But we definitely have our share now. Not near as much as some of you get and that's probably why I don't mind it. I REALLY miss the winter sports: ice fishing, snowmobiling, etc. It usually just rains in Ohio so I'm ok w/ the snow....But I am ready for spring and breaking out the big smoker.
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You guys are are Masochists. I spent six years in Dublin, Ohio one winter. I think it was 1999. I said then that was enough. I'm now in sunny north Florida and I think its going to get down to almost freezing tonight. The grass has started greening up and the trees have large leaf buds on them. Spring bulbs are beautiful. The fishing is (and has been) great. The golf is out of sight and the sunsets over the Gulf is a memory.

We all have to do what we have to do but for my $.02 worth, I'll take jet skis over ice fishing every day. Ya'll have a great Spring!
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I wish I could get out of Iowa. I just got back a couple weeks ago from Melbourne Beach, FL for a week. Man it was nice, near record highs the week I was there. 80+ degrees. We've had about 72 inches in our city. 4 inches from the record. But our teaser days are coming this week, mid 40s baby!! Maybe a smoke this weekend.
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Okay, lets see if I can get this to work this time. There is a smoker, a grill, and a motorcycle in this picture. Can you find them? This is actually from the storm we had right before Christmas of 2K6...


I smoked a turkey 10 days later, but I didn't get to the motorcycle until spring. PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif

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