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I started my butt around 7:30...all was looking good...Just looked out..and saw the Dreae\ded WHITE SMOKE!!!....What can I do to get the TBS again???eek.gif
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Had that happen to me once, had too many chipps in the pan and the flame cranked way too high. tossed the chips out, turned the flame down and cut the air back and was able to salvage it.
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Don't remember what you are using for equipment, your getting to much heat to your smoking wood, either pull out some wood, move it away from the heat so it is back to smoldering rather then burning. You can also preburn your wood so it is more like charcoal or lump. Good luck, hope this helps. Oh you might also choke off the air to the wood chips some if your temps are runnin to high.
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temp is running pretty steady...Just checked to see if chips were burning...there not.. can't really get the water pan out to get to the chips..and the side door...is useless
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a little white smoke never hurt.. mine will always belch white smoke till the wood settles down and starts charring
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well I guess im just going to have to let it..and hope it works it way out...Chips are not on fire...so I guess thats a plus
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What Line said. Relax...as the wood chars it'll settle down to thin blue. And more important..if you smell smoke, yer smoking. Be stingy with the wood, and add small amounts.
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My wife says Im stingy with the "wood"....
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here some early Q-View...started on the smoker at 7:30


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Boy those sure look good!
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Looking good! I always end up with too much white smoke but when you are doing butts it never hurts because of the length of the smoke. I can smell the smoke here.
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after 3 hrs.....and a good spray of the juice!

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As Rich said, relax, grab your favorite adult beverage, cut back on how much wood you use. There are so many variable. There are times when I have one chunk of wood and it creates white smoke and there are times when I have three chunks in and its tbs heaven.

Even though it's white as long as it's not billowing thick white smoke continuously you'll be fine.
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8 hrs on.....154 internal temp...

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it's lookin almost ediable PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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you need to remember

if you are looking.........you ain't cooking..........


looking good dude.......looking good
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I havent figured out how to Spray the juice on it, with the lid on...icon_rolleyes.gif
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I have done the same thing...just like everyone else said, the fire is too hot. I had that happen a couple of times when I first started before I figured out I had to cool the coals. Good luck!
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its called osmosis........just spray the lid...............PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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AAAhhhh...will try that...
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