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Lot's O' Bacon!

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Whew! I finally got to my bacon projects. To start off with, I picked up a big Pork loin from Costco, along with a new Foodsaver Vacuum sealer. I lopped the loin in half, gave it a coat of Tenderquick, sugar and my spicy sweet rub and then vacuum sealed it.

Into the fridge it went for 6 days. I pulled it out on day 6, and soaked it for an hour or so, changed the water, and soaked it for another two.

Next, I dried it off, and tied it up with butcher string to get a decent shape out of it then gave it a thorough dusting of my spicy sweet rub.

After that, it was ready for the smoker. I figured this would be a good batch to initiate the big freezer conversion. It's not complete yet, still need to cut an access door for easy chip adding and temp adjustment. I pulled all the plastic out, and lined the insulated top with aluminum sheeting. Had some scratched up stuff left over from aircraft wings, so it volunteered for the job. I also removed the rubber gasket, and relocated it on the very outskirt of the freezer door so I could still get a seal, but not in the food zone. Seems to work great, but I'll replace it with a more permanent solution soon.

I gotta say, I'm impressed with the insulating properties and smoke flow I got away with on this thing.
After a nice steady 200 degree smoke to 160 internal, I pulled it out.

Holy cow, the vacuum sealer added sooo much flavor to this bacon. I've done this before and always had good results, but man o man what a difference. I'm convinced! Into the packages it goes.

BUCKBOARD BACON continued in part 2....
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hehe A man & his toys-looks great nut.
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Great looking bacon...........Sweet looking smoker...........Would love to see some pics of your smoker and how you built it............
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Hmmm..about as basic as can be right now. As the one pic shows, I just lined the lid with aluminum sheeting. In the upper left-rear corner, I drilled a 2 1/4" hole for smoke exhaust, and in the lower front right there is a 2 1/4" hole that I ran the hose through for the small propane burner that is my heat source. Some wooden strips screwed to the sides for rail supports, and a bunch of wooden slats that I can adjust for rack supports or hang rope sausage from.
I thought I may have needed to add a fan, but after the big smoke this weekend, I don't need it. I'm getting excellent flow and even temps. I can hold it at 210 all day and night, or drop the burner to low and go down to around 145, crank it up, and it'd be like an oven! I do plan to add a port for cold smoking fish and cheese. That I'll use a Chief smoker for the smoke generator and duct it to the freezer. I put a cast iron skillet under my chip pot to even things out and slow the smolder. Thin bottom pans on propane flame don't work too well.
I'd nearly forgotten I even had this freezer. I was all set to build a wood shack smoker, then in the process, remembered this thing shoved under one of the decks and thought "Oh yeah...that'll work!"
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Nice job! Great looking bacon and great photo essay on the project.
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Just did my first bacon, did a wet cure. Now just searching for different bacon recipes. I love your idea for curing, going to try that next time (love my foodsaver too!) and compare.
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Looks great nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great post golfnut!! I fixed your first post so that the q-view and text flows nice and neat.

Nice conversion of that chest freezer. Would like to see more pics on how you did the conversion. Points to ya!!
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What do you use for that smoking unit on the bottom of the freezer?
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Excellent looking bacon! Good job on the smoker too. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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ingenious. way to go. gives me ideas, which can be hazardous. HAHAHA
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