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apple juice injected?

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planning on smoking up a butt for pulled pork tomorrow. was going to try injecting some apple juice in it...has anyone had any luck with doing this?
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Give'r a shot and let us know. Apple juice and pork go together like peas and carrots. I think you will find, however, that a pork shoulder has so much juice in it already that the apple juice will be a bit over kill. However, I always add juice to a foil bag once the dude hits 140, and it is always very good; I'm assuming you will have similar results.

You also might think about adding something to the juice to thin the sweet down a bit. Some suggestions: vinegar, beer, or spiced rum.

Hope it works out for you.
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I agree no need to inject it-just spray every 1/2 hr. pulled pork is a tasty treat tasteing like pork,with a finish sauce-Lordy-I think as I type this and would not like a strong apple flavor pulled pork-make a apple finish sauce-along with fla grillers vinager dang good stuff.
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I have always used apple wood for this...will a Hickory add a big difference in the flovor...good/bAD?
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Save my injecting for birds, I would spritz it on the butt during the smoke, just me. Try it, you may find you like it better, it's a personal thing.
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pulled pork likes hickory thin and blu-don't over power it-apple is nice also-or maybe both
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Hey fellow Cheesehead (Racine, WI?) - apple juice (and with part pineapple juice too) is the way I love it. I actually brine my pork butts in applejuice/water/pineapple juice, salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, allspice berries, celery overnight. I had tried injecting it then, but wouldnt take anymore liquid

Rub it the next day with a good rub. Lay some good bacon (Held's) on top. I smoke it w/ Apple & Hickory blend, and for liquid I use a fresh batch of the brine, and spritz it every 30 minutes (after the first 1.5 hours of no-peek) w/ apple & pineapple juice. Turns out great!
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Hey you CHEESEHEAD!...Thanks for the advice...I decided to just spay it every hour or so..with Apple juice. Only question is...If I am spraying do I keep the temp of the Juice in the spray bottle high enough..not to make the Internal temps to drop on the meat?
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i don't think your juice will drop the temp of the inner meat.
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thats what I thought...but when i did the brisket last seemed to
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I just keep it room temp (bring it in the house with me). It's the smoker temp that worries me occasionally when I open it up and spritz it on a cooler day like today - temp drops quick.
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Spritzing will make very little difference in temperature, you are just givin it a quick spray to keep it moist and add a bit of flavoure, you won't be drowning it in the liquid. Good luck!
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hickory is my wood of choice i use for everything from chickens to ribs to meatloaf and its got a great flavor.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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It probably dropped more from taking the cover off then the juice cooling it off.
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