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Whatcha Smoking this weekend?

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Got to fire up my Gosm smoker for sure this weekend...Not sure what I am going to throw in there...Maybe a variety of meats...But for sure am tired of winter and ready for the smoking to begin...

Whatcha smoking this weekend?

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My first brisket!! icon_redface.gif

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I got a fatty going right now and two turkey thighs. Never done turkey before. Tomorrow doing some chicken qtrs and picked up a bunch off beef back ribs from Albertsons (10lbs for $10) that I will be doing as well.
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I have 30#s of sausage cureing-5-6# batches-Andouille-Brats-Italian-Breakfast & snack links,thats 1 smoker-the other is ready for some trimmed st. louis ribs & mamma wants a hunk of salmon-got a great deal on Rib-eyes so where there's smoke there's grill.
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butts on sale this week....... 99/ doing a 7 lb butt.........they had a 10 pounder, but didn't want to do a 15-16 hour smoke in the cold.......yuk

this place also have fresh pigs feet......ears.......AND tails........
couldn't find any fresh bellies tho..... icon_sad.gif
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I have a 12 lb turkey in the brine tonight. Tomorrow it gets a spicy rub down and an apple wood smoke. Theres a bottle of Sauza, a bottle of Jim Beam and a twelve of High Life.

It's On!
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Even though this question is being asked in the Pork section I'll go ahead and answer here. Smoked salmon with my Maple glaze.
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I have 6 eight pound pork butts in the fridge and ready to go. 4 are rubbed with jalapeneo paste (will explain when I post my Q-View) and 2 are rubbed with magic dust. I am going to start around 10:30 pm. 15 degrees 2 degrees wind chill. Lets smoke!
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looks like a all niter there duke..............nice

jap paste huh?
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Well, I smoked 9 loins Wednesday, am smoking 2 butts at the present, and will be doing 6 butts on Tuesday so I think I will pass on smoking this weekend. The butts I am smoking now are for Sunday supper if that counts.
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Spare Ribs, shoulder cut strips, venison sausages and some ABT's
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5-lb brisket (flat) injected, marinated and then some of Jeff's rub. Did two last weekend and they were so good, we gave a lot away to friends and family. So, we have to replenish the stock starting tomorrow morning.

P.S. I forgot, I'll be doing some onions tomorrow with a twist I just learned. I'll post a Q-view if they work as advertised. I hope so as I love smoked onions.
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I figure I will nap around 4 or 5 am for a couple of hours and see where we go from there. 12 pack in hand and a stoogie ready to go. My neighbor will be joining we for a couple of hours. Thanks Dude!
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Think I'll do another fatty or two! My cardiologist is sittin in a corner hyperventilating right now!PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif I'll take another pill and "forgetaboutit"!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Spare ribs on Sunday. Might give those beans a try too.
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going to rub down a few butts....and put them on ini the morning
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The neighbor's comin' over and we're doing a big turkey for some soup next weekend, a couple of pork loins for some friends of his, and 3 racks of baby backs for us and fam. It's supposed to be 30-35 outside, so I'll fire up the old chimnea and have ol' John Daniels to keep warm. Can't wait.
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I am doing 6 racks of baby backs along with 4 butts around 6-8lbs with the largest being around 10 havent gotten around to weighting it just yet.
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9lbs of ven jerkey and 18 lbs ven summer sausage for today and tonight. then abts, burgers and i think i am going try the infamous "dutch" baked beens they sound tastey thats goin on sunday
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