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Canadian Smoker

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Just bought my first rig. A Chargriller Smokin Pro. I am some what of a novice to fire style smoking instead of electric. Most of my grilling in the summer is done on a inclosed fire pit some what indirect unless it is a good old alberta beef steak. Dont get me wrong I do enjoy a good corn fed usad steak as well but they are of limited supply here. I am hoping to come up with some decent Bbq now that I have the right rig. Ahh, who else litterly loves beer and 6 to 10 hrs of bbqin. I cant wait.
Just seasoning the grill right now. Should be ready in about 6 hrs.
Cant wait for the first feed.
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Wlcome lot's of good info here. What part of canada you from
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welcome to SMF
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Welcome aboard! Besure to get us some q-view when you get started!
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From Edmonton, Alberta
Millwright/Industrial Mechanic in the oil patch for 13 years.
Like to hunt, fish, camp, canoe and bbq.
Found this site by chance but from what Ive seen I should learn alot.
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welcome to SMF.... good to see another canadian onboard

lots of people to help you along with your next
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Just Seasoning this unit is an obsession. I cant wait to get to the real meat. Practice makes perfect.........
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Bush Hunter
Welcome to SMF from a fellow Char-Griller owner !!!

Here is a few links of mods SMF members have come up with to improve the Char-Grillers performance. it will make for some good reading for you and possibly improve your first smoke -
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Welcome to the site.........You will love this site..............
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Bush, I'm with ya. Lets get er done.
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Thanks for joining the SMF, plenty of fun folks with a lot of great advise. Hope to see some Q Views real soon!
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