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frozen butt

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I'm planning on doing a butt tomorrow but didnt get it out of the freezer till last night. It will have about 36hrs in the fridge so I'm not sure it will be thawed out all the way. What kind of problems will I have if the middle is still frozen a bit when I put it in the smoker, or what could I do to make sure it is thawed out by tomorrow morning?
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If ya don't have pets that will eat on it, just leave the frozen butt out on the counter for 3-4 hrs and it will thaw a little faster when ya put it back in the fridge. Don't put it in the sun, or on a heat register though, !
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I've always heard to never thaw meat out at room temp, thought bacteria would start to grow or something?
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The meat can be in the danger zone 40-140 for more than 4 hours.
Thats when its in trouble...I allways let my meat sit on the counter
before i cook it or smoke it. Its so i dont shock the it cuts down on cooking times.
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It will take longer to cook, you will probably have a better smoke ring than starting thawed and you may notice the texture being a little different.....not much, not necessarily bad, just a little different.
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I have frozen butt everytime I try to smoke anything in February icon_twisted.gif
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Frozen Butt

Fatback is right on. I have done what you are doing. I put a butt on my smoker that I thought was completely thawed. But when I inserted my thermo probe, I found some resistance in the center and the reading was right at 30*. I went ahead with the smoking and it all turned out fine. I guess it's like to old addage ..... when it's, it's done. It took a little longer but then when the internal hit 200* it was good eats. Good luck with the butt and don't forget the finishing sauce. smile.gif
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If it is packed in the cryovac (sp?) put it in the sink or a cooler full of water. If not, put it in a big ziplock bag and put it in the water. Water transfers heat about 32 times faster than air so it will thaw much, much quicker than sitting on the counter. Put it under running water and it is even faster.
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I let it set out for a couple of hours, then back in the fridge. No issues so far.
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I second what Don said, sept it transffered over to March too! Jeez, when is it gonna warm up!PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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Thanks guys. Looks like I'll get a frozen butt while smoking a frozen butt, supposed to get about a foot of snow between today and tomorrow.
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yeah........where IS global warmning when you need it?
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Steve, just leave it out, it won't reach the danger zone, remember the center is frozen!
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Global warming is a story created by the weather man as an excuse for all his mistakes!

Weatherman, only guy I know who can consistantly be wrong in his job and keep it!
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Yep, as per meat safty rules. It states never to thaw meat on the counter.
They say that you can thaw in water But not standing water.

I usually put in a stainless pot and slow running COLD water If I have to.
Never use hot!
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running it under cold water may help
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That is meat this is out of the wrapper, or out of cryovac, in other words, meat that is out naked in the air! I agree, but if it is wrapped or in cryovac, not true!
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Trapper's right. If you need it thawed fast then running cold water will thaw it much faster (and safer) than the countertop at room temperature. If you have the time, thaw it in the refridgerator properly. Taking the chance with thawing it on the counter does not make sense when there are faster and safer ways to thaw your meat.
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I have wondered about dousing it with cider vinegar, dropping the Ph to maybe about 5- kills most nasties. Any thoughts?
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