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Country Ribs

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Put Jeff's rub on the country ribs.

Smoked at 225 degrees with hickory for 4 hrs.
Sprayed every 45 mins. with apple juice.

After 4 hrs. foiled for another 2 hrs.Took out of foil,
put on some of Jeff's sauce,put back in smoker for about
1/2 hour,came out delicious.
I think it's hard to ruin anything using Jeff's rub and
barbecue sauce.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looks good. I just did some recently also. I wanted to cut back on my almost 5 1/2 hour time though to 4 1/2 tops. They just didn't seem to need more than that. confused.gif
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I think I could of cut back on my time too.They came out tender and not dry but I'm going to cut back next time when I do another batch and see how they turn out.
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picked up 14 lbs. today from safeway,$1#-going in the grinder this we for sausage-they are pretty lean so glad I have been stashing my fat from other smokes-Allie ankring for some cajun types-and me some brats! took ribsout that I trimmed st. louis style. those sure look good,I forsee another trip over the hill to safeway.
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I agree they came out extremely tender, but think they might be a bit better with less time PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Great color though

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What was your internal temp at finish?
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My internal went to 172,I wanted to pull it at 165 but got busy and forgot.icon_sad.gif But I ws still happy with them, although I'm not big on country ribs.I perfer spare ribs but these were on sale.
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