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What kind of wood is this?

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I need some help idetnifying wood. It came down in my aunts yard during strong wind storm when a larger tree fell on it. Thought it might be good for smoking because it has a sweet smell to it. Problem is I have no idea what it is and didnt want to smoke with something bad. My uncle thinks its apple but I don't know. I can always snap a few more pics if you want to see something else the wood is right across the street.

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hmmmm-seems to be a hatch of a shrimp boat,or my sexaterey been sitting on it. sheesh i bad.
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i can't tell from the bark-I a dang good woodworker but I have my limitations.
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heartwood looks like osage-did the tree have leaves or neediles? sp?
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is a pretty heartwood.
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had nothing so i am guessing leaves because needles would still be on this time of year
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leaves means a hard wood
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to orange for apple from what i see
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Your wood

To me it looks like Hawthorne. ss
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Can't get leaves from just this tree. It fell from about 4 feet in past the tree line.

I split some and set it a blaze in my fire pit, not my smoker, it took some doing to get it going its so wet but once it did the smoke did smell very sweet. Don't know if this helps at all.
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As red as it is, it makes me think it's cherry....but the bark doesn't quite look right to me. Could be a difference between Eastern cherry and Mid-Western cherry as I am in Iowa.......???
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I agree with Texas hunter, it looks like hickory to me. We have some and have lost some others and based on the bark that's what is looks like. One clue would be hickory is really, really hard. If you have a lot of trouble cutting it, that might be a clue.
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What part of the country are you from? That would make identification a bit easier.
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My bad I live in Conneticut pretty close to the shore line.

No this is some what soft compared to hickory. I have tried to split green hickory and this wood split much, much easier than hickory.
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hickory splits nice, it is hard to cut. In general, I've always found harder woods split better than softer woods.
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that explains-it's from a shrimp boat-I bet a soft wood.
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I figured you were from the north east, as am I. Looks like cherry to me, hickory just doesnt grow in our neck of the woods.
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If you have a county extension agent near you, they can tell in a heartbeat. Might be worth a call. Keith
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i agree with texas it is looking hickory , but you could alway's hack a lil piece off and get it burnin and woft some up in the nostrils...i'm no wood spe******t but it just looks to big to be apple ?
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I'm just outside of Harrisburg, Pa and we have at least a dozen hickory on our property.
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