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I have the 40" Sam's and it does a great job. I've been tossing some charcoal briquette in with the wood to get the ring, but the food tastes the same, great, with or without the ring icon_smile.gif.
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I concur with Irwinwdicon_smile.gif

Do not think a smoke ring has taste.......There is a thread about using cheap charcoal (the manufactured stuff) that will impart a smoke ring on the meat.......please read that....suggest you keep it as I know you will like the MES

Good Luckicon_smile.gif
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I have found that if you trow a charcoal brickette in with the wood chips you will get somewhat of a smoke ring. Also if you rub down with tender quick it will help improve it. I have to agree withe the others though, I haven't had anything bad out of the MES yet.

Here is a little smoke ring with charcoal

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i definatly wont be doing any competing other than with myself, i seem to be the only one in my world here that has an interest in smoking meats. i guess as long as i can produce some quality tasting food it will prob do me right then. so tomorrow i will unbox it,clean it and season it... will try the charcoal deal. i think it will work good for those times when i cant be so diligant in watching the smoker. yhanks for all your tips, keepem coming.
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I hear I tell someone it takes 14hrs to cook a pork butt and they look at you like your crazy PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif. I find it just as much fun to cook it as it is to eat it icon_smile.gif.

If I had to build a fire or start up charcoal each time, I probably wouldn't use mine as much as I do now (every weekend). Plus you don't worry about running out of fuel or having to go get it biggrin.gif.
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ya butt they sure do enjoy the eating part...
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New MES from Sam's

Visited the local Sam's Club the other day and stumbled upon a Masterbuilt 40 in a damaged box in their 'closeout' area. I had been thinking about a Cookshack Amerique but negotiated the price on the MES down to $200. Long story, short. It followed me home so I had to keep it!

I have been using a Brinkman Cimarron Deluxe for a year or so and just am getting tired of spending 14 to 16 hours tending the coals to maintain temperatures.

Also acquired a Suncast horizontal storage box to keep it in and out of the weather. Should be seasoning it in the next few days and getting down to businesss this weekend.

Any tips on seasoning the new MES or just follow the recqs in the manual?

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Nice deal...............Spray the inside with pam or wipe with evo.............
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Smoke it to death. Put some wheels on so it's easy to move. I have a vertical with the fire box on the side that does not get used anymore since I got my MES. Set it and go back to bed. I can still up all night and drink beer and watch it if I want to though. Easy did not remove the fun. Smoke ring or no smoke ring, MES still smokes some great goodies.

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