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I tacked some ends on it yesterday and it sits about and inch off the bottom. I tacked some stock on the bottom to raise it up. One problem I have is my smoker is only 12" in diameter which is kind of small compared to most units today. It's still a work in progress.
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cheapo charcoal basket.

I just made my basket recently and not having the best cashflow i had to improvise a little icon_biggrin.gif.

I bought a 12 X 24 sheet of expanded steel from Lowes for $12.00. Cut it in half widthwise to make two 6 X 24 peices. Bent the tow peices into right angles, laced the ends together and bent them over with some channel locks. Then hammered them down over over a brick edge.

Then i took the grilling grate that came with the firebox (ike anyone is going to grill in that thing) and cut two rows off and turned it 90 deg in the firebox. It sits good on some bolt heads and the guides for the ash pan.
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