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Charcoal baskets

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Does anyone know of a good vendor for these things? I don't weld, but I would sure like to have one.
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Good question....I would like to know the same thing!
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No junkyard around these parts so I made one from pieces I bought at Home Depot (think they come in 18x24 sheets for around $18...dont remember exactly). No welding needed. Got two pieces, a couple of heavy duty nuts, bolts, and washers (can use heavy duty wire) and bent the hell out of them to fit (had the help of a heavy duty vise). Then used the bolts to secure the bends.

If dont want to do that, just look in the phonebook for a cimpany/outfit that works with metal. Describe what you want, take them pictures, and they will make you one more likely than not.
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Thats what I did for my charcoal basket too.
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Here is what I plan to get

Also depends on what unit you have. I have the Home Depot Brinkmann vertical (2 door).

Found this at Walmart last night and it fit in their model of Brinkmann vertical...should work in the HD model. It is a Wok pan for a grill. I think it was $8.97

I will probably make a slight mod to it just to make the tabs longer for more stability. Throw a cheap aluminum pan under it to catch the ash and cleanup should be a breeze.
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Only one possible problem I see with this. Probably made with coated aluminum. Not meant to hold very hot coals for long periods of time. Could eventually melt the thing.

Just my guess.
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i've used a old pizza pan the one with holes in it from rema bakeware for over 4 years now has not even warped can find em at yard sales and flea markets cheap or wally world
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I make mine outta hardware wire-mold it the way I want & burn it off in the fire pit-
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Good point on the tray possibly being made out of aluminum. I am headed back that way tonight and will take a magnet with me.
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Thanks for the advice. I'll see if I can't come up with something.
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I use one of these in the main chamber of my CG Pro when cooking indirect. Other than a slight warp, it has held up good. By slight warp I mean it just don't sit flat anymore.
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LOLOL.......mork............mine lasted bout 6 long smokes........and melted to peices.........but they DO werk well...........for a time anyway.....least here........
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I have seen the ones like luv2camp recomended at Fred Meyers and Home Depot in stainless steel. I dont know how big your fire box is but you can probably make one cheaper. Try going to a second hand store like goodwill or value village. See if they have a chicken roaster or small turkey roaster that will fit in your unit and drill it full-O-holes. A steel pot or cake pan might work also. Or an old ammo can with the paint burned off and filled full-O-holes might work. If you dont have a drill take it out back and shoot it with a 22 a bunch of times.
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Good answer. That sounds like a fun way to make them too. I appreciate it. I have a drill and a .22. Now all I need to do is get busy with an old chicken roaster.
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Possibly off topic, but slightly related: anyone ever thought about adding a vertical charcoal stack, like the one used in a Stumps smoker, to your firebox on the horizontal smoker. I was thinking about removing the door and building a new one with a huge piece of square tubing welded through it. Put a sealable door at the top and a large piece of grate at the bottom. Make it big enough to hold 20 pound of charcoal. Would have to build a support on the firebox or the smoker would flip, I guess.
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home depot and lowes have similar items==check their website......
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I used one of those for a long time before I modded my GOSM with a SFB. It worked good, but didn't hold a lot of coals.
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I made on myself last week out of scrap expanded metal and tack welded it together. It was actually my very, very first welding job. But you can go to Home Depot buy a piece of expanded matal for about 10 bucks, grab some brass all-thread stainless washers and nuts and make one. Just take the expanded matal and bow it to fit into the firebox. Use the all-therad with washers and nuts to hold the bow. Simply remove to refill and clean the firebox using welding gloves purchased at Harbor Freight.

Here's what I welded together. I'm not welder but I find it very fun to do. It's a blast.




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wave........with that setup............why not just bend it each side over summin.........pound it over the edge with a deadblow hammer?

just a thought
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Wave, only problem i see with yours is the ends are open and it sits to low in the F/B.....
This was cut with a sawzall and bent with some clamps and bolted together....no welding needed!!

By imn88fan

This sits up about 3" off the bottom so the air can flow under and the ash has somewhere to go....I get about 8 hours off 1 basket of charcoal!!

By imn88fan
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