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rib question

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im gonna do some ribs this weekend. im considering getting a rib rack. when i wrap the ribs in tin foil and pour in some apple juice, is it ok to stand the ribs back up, or is all the juice going to pour out?
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I always remove the rack and lay them down when I foil. Sometimes I have to lay the ribs over each other to make room, but I figure the juices stay on the meat longer when laying horizonal.
Hope this helps
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Wrapping ribs has kept me from buying the rib racks. I would say it would be a good guess that it leak out if tilted up in a rack.
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i've never wrapped a rib and only use rib racks when i need the room and really never had a bad one
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Well, if ya stood em up, i think only 1 edge would be in liquid....
Foil em and stack em! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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