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had a freind ask me a question on smoking trout

and i know CRAP bout the subject

he was told he needed to smoke this fish in a new smoker..........i am sure, he was being told, a smoker devoted to fish?

anyone else heard this?



(ps. least Jr. finished second this last weekend)
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over the years I've smoked various types of fish in the same smoker I use for other meats. Occasionally the smoker will have a slightly fishy smell afterwards, but I never notice it on any other meat. The smoke usually takes care of that.
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my thoughts also no need for a diff smoker-
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walking-dude i agree no need for a new smoker , i do land and sea in the same ole box...maybe he meant he should not to meat and fish at same time ? cause that can get a lil strange tasting..if fish is over meat drippins add fishy flavor . other hand if meat is over fish fishysmoke rises and again
fishy flavor
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