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New Smoker Build

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I started a second smoker just smaller than the first I built. This one may end up with a friend or I will use it for small loads. A single 1000W hot plate should take care of heating and smoking duties. Haven't done any temp testing yet, so I may need a second just for good measure. Inside dimensions H36" x W12" x L26", nothing huge by any means.
Same build as the first, 2x4 framing, 1/4 plywood sheeting inside covered with aluminum. Outside will likely be tongue and groove pine.
Same Temp control as my first, one thermocouple for chamber temp and one for meat probe.
Here is the progress so far, about 4 hours total.
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Looks pretty good........Would like to know more about your control unit setup......Good job............
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The control is made by Watlow, Model F2HA-***X-***X. The X's are ordering options, input type, output type, real time clock, alarm etc... It's probably ten years old, microprocessor based. Essentially I can setup my cooking profile and walk away. I may need to check the wood chips after a certain amount of time. icon_biggrin.gif

I have the output from the control driving a SSR (solid state relay) that switches power to my outlet that my heater is plugged into. That is the quick and dirty of it.
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i take it, this is a cold smoker unit?
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Looks good... I am curious if you are worried about the glues in the OSB at all... Didnt know if they would let off any toxins in a smoker when heated??? only asking cause I dont know!!
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cold smoker should be ok if the alum is sealed. besides it should be a lot cooler than that plywood sitting in the lumber on blacktop when it is 120deg here
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Good point pne123
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my thoughts also with the osb? I run a 1000 watt in1 of my ecb's-it gets pretty warm, I think if i make a wood smoker it would be from a hard wood slab construction-very hi temp glue. just my 2 cents.
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I run my other smoker up to 275 without any issue, same construction. Haven't noticed any health issues, the aluminum seals off any of the osb from direct heat. I would worry more if I used treated lumber, which I didn'
I'll google osb heat ratings and see what I can find.

Cold Smoking only, nope I will fully insulate the walls. Weather has very little affect on my larger smoker.
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Interesting build. You going to show a step by step? Or is this something you plan on selling?
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Selling, no way. It's all fun for me. smile.gif The next one I will do a step by step photo sequence, I usually take pictures after each change in the project. Last night was the start of the wiring. I'll keep updating this post with pics if there is interest.

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I would not use OSB, but I'm paranoid PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

Actually I prolly would not use wood at all... in case of a bizarre flame-up or something. Being electric is good, but ya never know. I said... I'm paranoid.
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I'd wonder about OSB too but then I've seen many smokers in Alaska built out of plywood that worked great. What the hell?
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Minichef, do keep us posted, and let us know if you do find any contradictions to the osb.. Now you got me interested in a possible build.. Good luck
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My page timed out with a full page typed, arghh!!

The OSB used Phenol Formaldehyde for the resin, which during the manufacturing process eliminates most that will emit. One way to stop the emitting is painting or use an outdoor rated OSB which has some envirmental protection already. Some ANSI rating that excapes me.
The stuff you need to avoid is the Urea based which was used in most manufactured homes back in the day. Over time the emitting slows, but initially it is very high and may cause a health risk. This type was also used in spray insulation.

If you don't hear from me, don't use OSB!! icon_rolleyes.gif Kidding.

My chamber is sealed from the OSB, all seems are covered. Thanks for the worries.

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Added finished pics in first post.
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good looken build i like the ssr controlling 1000 watt or 8.4 amps osb should not be a problem with it sealed in side with alum and insulated outside but if we dont here from you in the near future we will rethink this whole idear
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Temp testing

Well some initial testing shows a temp rise of 171°F after 30 minutes of warm up time. The chamber temp started at 40 and finished at 211, the second hot plate may be needed for quicker preheat and recovery. I will throw it in for good measure ala Tim the tool man Taylor "more power".icon_biggrin.gif Larger heat sink on the SSR will be needed to switch the added power, should be good to go with a few additions.

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