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soaking wood?

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Hey guys this is my first post and I recently bought a smoker. I am going to smoke my first brisket this weekend and I have all the tools. I have heard u need to soak the wood before you smoke? if this is true can anyone here help me out? all thoughts are appreciated guys. I have hickory wood for the brisket by the way.
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What Kind of Smoker?

What Kind of Smoker?
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char griller
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I have seen this question pop up in several threads. I have read what these guys think, and to be honest, I really don't think it matters. Even if you soak prior to smoking the heat is going to evaporate all the moisture out of the wood and then it will start to smolder. Personally, I have always soaked in apple juice with maybe a touch of bourbon but after my last smoke I have come to the realization that it isn't really changing anything. I keep a juice/water/sometimes bourbon mix in my water pan so whatever flavor (if any) is added by soaking you will get the same results when the water pan starts to evaporate. I think the real secret is knowing how much wood to add to keep a nice thin blue smoke, you don't want to load down the wood pan because it can make the smoke flavor overwhelming. Hope this helps, maybe some of these guys that know what they are talking about can clarify.
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I have a ton more questions lol. I have the same smoker in my avatar. When people talk about water should i put something in there to steam on the side box? also I use coal as well the wood.
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Chargriller w/ side firebox?

Chargriller w/ side firebox? I am thinking that with that set-up, you would just start with charcoal and mix your would chunks in with it and let them burn.

No need to soak them in a wood burner like that.

You may want to change your thread title to "Attention Chargriller owners" and you can get some really specific advice on your cook and how your machine works:-)
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its in my avatar bro. thanks for the help guys.
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I personally don't soak my wood. My theroy is you then just have to wait for it to dry out so it well create smoke. Just my opinion.
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Either way will work fine, makes no difference.
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Hey make a Roll Call post and we'll be able to help better. Smoker type, location, experence.... etc
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i did bro. check it out. already got some advice on mods for my chargriller. this place is great so far.
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