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storing of brisket before cooking

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So i have finally found a (semi) local butcher that does a cut of brisket (boy i tell u what thou - it wasnt easy, i reckon i've called nearly 10 butchers, plus asking supermarkets for the special cut) anyways....

im picking up one during my lunch hour today round 4+ Kg mark (near 9 pound) and i wont be smoking it till saturday day. It is wednesday day here now, and i wont to start marinating it on friday evening.

so is it worth storing in the freezer for about 36hrs before thawing in fridge. Just curious to what you all would do in similar situation.

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If the meat is fresh from the butcher you should be fine in the fridge, I wouldn't freeze it. Why not rub the meat with seasoning now?
Then you can marinate it on Friday.
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cris I think aged beef is good beef-a couple more days in the fridge will be fine-no need to freeze.
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alright good idea.... so you can sort of never seasen too early ey?

that means it will be sitting in its season for about 60 + hrs and i think i will add mop on the day of smoking during its smoke as it takes some time to make on the stove.
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Leave it in the fridge, you;ll be fine. I wouldn't rub it this early, depending whats in your rub, may start curing it eek.gif
May i ask why your marinating it? As hard as it is to find i would think you'd want to taste the natural flavors of the beef. I have not seen where marinating brisket does much of anything....
Use the KISS approach, salt, pepper and garlic/onion powder makes for some great eats!!
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Chris, as long as your rub is not curing salt or a ton of table salt but some salt, brown sugar, garlic, onion powder etc... it should turn out great.
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yea bbq bubba i dont actually kno why i said marinate.... thats what im used to doing to meat, this will be my first 'rub' applied to a peice of meat....

force of habit.... my bad PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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How about the back of a truck? LOL
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No freezee! Will taste fresher if kept in fridge. You CAN rub it now, but I usually wait for at most 24 hours before smoking.

Are you gonna sear it first? I had got some favorable results searing with just some salt on it, then applying a thin mustard coat followed by the rub after the sear.
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