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This minion method ive read about especially for the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit.....I wanna buy a wire/steel mesh box "crate" for inside the firebox like everyone else has because the grate that comes with it is very low and just crappy set up.....Now for minion method: put chimney full of unlit in firebox then put another chimney full of lit charcoal on top...How long do i let that smolder for a minute or however long before i put meat on?? Wont temp always be altering being the unlit coals will slowly become lit every so often??


I just ordered the Maverick 2 probe digital holding off on any other mods such as chimney vent inside chamber, and stove gasket for around entire lid... Possibly will seal up all little holes and gaps all around unit with high temp caulk or whatever

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Im thinking about using pieces of ceramic tile wrapped in aluminum foil for baffles in my Brinkman SNP. They are cheap and can be cut to length at Lowes or any other retailer.

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