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Hi From Indianapolis

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Hi all, Brian here, located in Indianapolis.
I have been a lurker of this site for the past month, ever since I bought my “clearance priced†Rival K.C. Smoker from Wal-Mart. Following my purchase of this bargain priced smoker, I also purchased Jeff’s Rub and Sauce recipe. All I can say at this point is “I’m hooked†I have been using my KC for the past three weekends in a row. First I tried Pulled Pork, then a Fattie, A Meatloaf, and this past weekend Spare Ribs. Based on these successes and my enjoyment of my “newfound hobbyâ€, I went out and bought a new MES at Sams club. Hopefully the rain will let up for me this weekend so that I can season this wonderful unit. Prior to these smokers, I had only played around with my 2004 Gas “Front Avenue Grill†(Char-Broil’s relabeled grill sold by Costco). I would smoke ribs by adding a water pan and a wood chip filled foil packet. It wasn’t until my KC purchased led me to this fantastic site that has allowed me to “see the light through thin blue smokeâ€. So, to all of the helpful posters on this site who’s suggestions have helped to avoid what I’m sure would have been many countless mistakes, Thanks!!!
Now, on to research idea’s and recipes for my newly acquired MES.
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Welcome to SMF Brian! We're here to help!
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Welcome Brian, your in good hands....
Hey I'm in Indy right now on business and will be for the next two months on Mon and Tues. How about bringing me some Q. Just kidding but if there is anything i can help w/ let me know.

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Welcome to the forum. It is nice to have you.
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Congrats on your purchase and wecome to smf
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Welcome to SMF. You will that any question you may have someone here will have an answer.
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Hey Brian,

I'm pretty new here myself. As you have already seen, it's a great site with great people.


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Welcome to SMF, glad you like it here. It is great being a member of a site that just makes others addictions strengthen; hope none of us ever kick the habit !!!
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Hey Brian,

I lived in Columbus, IN for a couple of years. Didn't find a lot of BBQ up there excpet when we did a whole pig with the neighbors. I did try the Montgomery Inn in Cincinatti while I was there. Great ribs. Anyway, welcome aboard.
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Welcome to the Smf
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Welcome aboard the smoke train.........It's a fun road to be on...........
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Welcome aboard, and there is not a chance in he double toothpicks of getting over this addiction, just give in and run with it! I can't think of a better addiction to have!
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