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Turkey Roast (franken-turkey)

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I had the wife pick up a turkey roast the other day. If you was how this stuff was made you probably wouldn't want to eat it, but I thought it would be great for smoking and slicing thin; not the case.

I let this dude marinade in red wine, EVOO, garlic powder, CBP, and about half of a sliced white onion. I smoked it for 4 hours using Oak and Apple. Turkey was nice and moist, but took on Zero smoke. I had also smoked some chicken breasts (I'll post those later....boy were they good!) and they took on great smoke. So the only think I can think of is, the enzymes used to "glue" the meat into a loaf is keeping the smoke from penetrating.

Sliced thin, it makes for a good sammy (with some spicey Q sauce I through together for the first time: Geek With Fire sauce recipe #1), but not a trace of smokey goodness. I think next time, I'll just smoke plain ol' turkey breast, and leave the franken-turkey in the "beaks and butts" section.
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Thanks for the tip. May be the case for some other processed meats as well then.
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Really...why is that? (not doubting you, just can't wrap my brain around it yet) I guess I should have noted, there wasn't more than a couple tablespoons of the stuff in the mix. I also fogot to mention that I added about a 1/4 cup of pineapple syrup in the mix as well. I suppose the acid in the pineapple could have cooked the outer layer to the point of not allowing smoke to penetrate, but I'm doubting it.
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Hmmm, I've never tried a turkey roast. Thanks for the heads up Geek, I'll stick with the breast or whole
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