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Some finger food

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Last weekend I smoked a batch of ABTs and some meaty pork ribs.

I stuffed the jalapenos with a mixture of cream cheese, my shrimp (cooked and chopped), onion and garlic.
The ribs were sprinkled with some smoked kosher salt/pepper/garlic and onion powder.
I was afraid the ribs would turn out dry, but they were nice and moist.

Nothing fancy, but they went well with a few cold beers. Also....we all sat around outside eating them, I didn't have any dishes to clean woohoo

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As freddy prince said in the 70s.

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I love how you guys leave the lids on your chili's! Your wrapped ABT 's look like little rodents. Nice lookin' grub there moo-chick.
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yumm good looking finger food-when I do my ABT's whole I put the lids back on and wrap the bacon around to hold them on-a presentation thing I spose.
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Great job, Patty! I caught this one right at lunch time, too...Somehow, I just don't think my cold cut sandwich is gonna satisfy today...icon_cry.gif

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Sometimes my friends call the ABTs "rat tails"...heh.
Had some other things going on so I wasn't sure these would come out right or not....lucky for me they were tasty.

My koozie is real fancy. lol PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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How long does it take them to smoke?
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till bacon crisps up...........2-2.5 hours for me smoking at 225-250

i like mine cut in half.........doubles the amount.........LOLOL
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I left this batch on for 4 hours. Didn't intend to do that, just got busy.
They came out great, the bacon had some crisp to it (how I like it).
The pork was nice and tender.
It was one of those meals that probably turned out well because I lucked out.biggrin.gif

Deud....I like mine abts split down the middle too. :)
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Now I'm hungry...Yum! Dang yer good CG :{)
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Thanks Rich..come on over and I'll make another batch.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looks great cowgirl!! It still amazes me that you raise your own shrimp in OK. I like the koozie too.
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Thanks low&slow! smile.gif
I just ordered a new batch of juvenile shrimp....Will stock my pond in May.
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Some great looking food PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Abelman!smile.gif
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Does looks great. Love low&slows avitar.
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Low&slow's avatar is cool, isn't it.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Someday I might come up with one...just can't seem to find one that is "me". lol
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