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Hello from Rush Creek

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Hi guys, it is great to join with a group of such nice people.

I am from Hickman, Kentucky (Rush Creek community) in extreme Southwestern Kentucky. I am an attorney, married to my childhood sweetheart (who is also an attorney). We have three kids, Dixie, Daisy, and the baby, Jackson Davis. I also do some guiding for deer in Kentucky and crappie on Reelfoot Lake. Crappie fishing has pretty much become my favorite pasttime and we can guide for large groups. Our operation is a family operation, and we keep Christ at the center of our family. I am a Christian and my first obligation is to follow His will for my life.

I got started bbqing in college. My first big project was a pig roast for 100+. Luckily it turned out okay, but I had to shoot the pig three times to kill it.

My wife's family really got me going in serious bbq cooking. Her whole family has a strong tradition and well known reputation for their pitmaster abilities.

I have cooked on two Kansas city style teams, "Dumb and Dumber, BBQ Brothers" (I am Dumb) with my brother-in-law and "Burnt Offerings" with the local preacher at 1st Baptist in Hickman.

I cook mostly on an old-style brick pit with hickory and oak burnt down in a separate firebox and transferred shovel by shovel. I also use a borrowed Paul Caldwell custom rotisserie sometimes in competition. Sometimes Bro. Tom and I use his Traeger. Don't compete much now, just once or maybe twice a year.

My shining moment was at the KC contest in Poplar Bluff, Mo, a few years back (my first sanctioned event) when I hauled 50 concrete blocks and built a homemade pit right in the middle of about 40 custom made cookers. It really stole the show. I was going to cook a couple of months later in Kentucky and got a call from the sponser informing me that my block pit had been banned. Hmmmh. Must have had the big boys scared. Don't know why though, the beat me pretty good. (Although mine tasted like real BBQ!).

Now I do some custom cooking for individuals and groups and quite a bit of fundraiser cooking. Our local tourism group will most likely sponsor a KC Cookoff in Hickman on the second friday and saturday of September 2008, more to come on this later.

Look forward to becoming friends with you.

rick major
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welcome. sounds like you already know a good bit about this smoking. I think you will like this site alot, it is addicative. Keep us informed an the KC cookoff.
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Welcome to the SMF family, Rick. The idea of cooking on an open pit fireplace is something I'd love to learn to do, and construct. Have any pics to share?
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Welcome to the forum Rick!
From another cinderblock pit
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Welcome aboard!
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welcome Rick,glad to have u here.
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Welcome to the forum! This is definitely the place to be. You'll find more Qview here than anyplace else PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif . Keith
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome 'The Rick'.
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welcome to the site, enjoy!
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Welcome to the forums................Great place here with great poeple and great info.............Glad to have you here..............
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Glad to have you join us, plenty of knowledge here and it sounds like you have a little to share... Welcome to SMF !!!
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