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Gotta give a newbie props!!!

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Have had a smoker since xmas, but growing up fast. Gotta love the menu at home today....

Breakfast - Fatty with eggs, hashbrowns, n Bacon
Lunch - Threw some steaks on the smoker, just for flavor before grilling
Dinner - Pork shoulder should be ready soon!

Learning as I go. This is the best website ever. I had never heard of a fatty before this morning (about 6:30). Quick trip to the store & I had a fatty on the smoker by 7:15.

Thanks all for posting!!!!!
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nomorecoopNothing like diving right in, in one day !!! Good job, have any pictures of these meals yet?
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And...Stop by Roll Call and give us an intro post please. We're nosy ;{)
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Dumb question. How do I post a picture?
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but I don't care for italian Rich-maybe another choice?I do great southwestern?
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LOL... OK fine. It's actually a lyric from a Billy Joel song.
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Welcome aboard! And atta boy, just do it, you'll learn more that way!
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