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15 pounds of venison salami

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hi all

i did 15 pounds of venison salami with hi temp cheddar cheese it turned out great i used 10 pounds of mixed venison four pounds mule deer four pounds blacktail deer and 2 pounds elk with 5 pounds of pork butt i was cleaning out the freezer i used the sausagemakers venison salami seasoning it is pre mixed i added butcher-packer special meat binder and some powdered milk like i said this stuff turned out great here is some pics


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Looks great Bet it taste as good as its looks
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Wow! And what an interesting mix. Problem is... I can't wrap my tongue around any LOL! Hey! Where's the snow in that pict? ;{) Brrr
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rich no snow here i hope its gone for the year today its 46 cloudy just about right t shirt weather lol spring is here flowers are blooming grass is growing it wont be long i will have to mow the lawn darn it
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Great mix of meats for some nice looking sausage !!!
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Sounds great and looks awesome Salmonclubber! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking sausage! I am planning on making some of that myself. Maybe you will take our snow and cold and I take your green grass and warmer temps?? Man, I am ready for Spring!!
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Looks Good!
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what kind of casings did you use ?dont think ive seen any that size that you can see through?
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Dang Huey, great job, as usual, icon_wink.gif We are gonna make more sausage this coming week, if it turns out HALF as good as yours, it will really be something.icon_biggrin.gif
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BigArm's smokin
You'll do fine, we know you know your sausage !!!
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thanks guys

i am really starting to like the way the special meat binder and the powdered milk work with the sausage it makes for some great sausage the texture is great the sausage is nice and moist no more dry crumbly sausage for me

minnbill the casings are 2 1/4 x 20 inch casings they hold around around 2 pounds i got them from allied kenco sales

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looking good.

Where did you get the cheese?
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Great looking sausages! What is your ratio of binder and powdered milk? Also, do you just use plain old Carnation powdered milk?
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Great looking summer sausage.............Lem also sells those kind of casings too for anyone looking for that type......Great job...........
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jersey hunter i got the cheese from butcher-packer they have several different kinds 1# 5# cheddar and mozz swiss


i use the special meat binder and the powdered milk both come from butcher-packer i use 2 oz of each for 25 pounds of sausage this last batch of 15 pounds i only used 1 oz of each not sure on the box of carnation milk in the store if it is the samething you could write butcher and packer and ask them they should have a answer for ya
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