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I'm present.

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Well, let's see. My name is Jereme, and I live in Tampa. Aside from hamburgers or hot dogs on the 4th...maybe on a family member's gas grill, I have no experience...till now that is.

For christmas, my girlfriend bought me a cheaper 40" Brinkmann smoker from Wal-Mart (i had just bought a $30 hibachi, but i mean...c'mon!!). I bought a Brinkmann thermometer online, and come to find out it fits every model EXCEPT the Wal-Mart one! So I guess I'll be getting into modding soon enough. That is actually the reason I came here to the forums in the first place, and everyone was super helpful..thanks.

I think the first thing I did, aside from curing it, was grilled chicken. I wasn't quite ready to smoke anything yet. I bought a book about smoking, and read everything up to the recipes...learned a few things from the book.

Then I smoked up some salmon from a recipe I learned not so long ago...everyone who has it loves it more than anything...even life! heh.

So anyway, now I am here (been here a couple weeks actually)...and I come on every now and again to learn.
Well, until my next post, thanks guysicon_exclaim.gif
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welcome to smf,this is a great forum where you can pick up all sorts of tips ,recipies, and spark for the imagination. i have been around but a short time and think this is one of the greatest sites!!!
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Welcome aboard! This is a great place to learn!
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Glad ya joined in! Welcome and enjoy the SMF.
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Good to hear from another that has joined this group. Just a warning from a newbie: This form is addictive. You cant smell smoke here, but you will get hooked on the pictures.
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Welcome to the site......Glad you stopped lurking..........
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welcome and keep it TBS-glad u joined.
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Welcome to the forum Jereme! If you're interested, there is a Florida get together in April....lots of crazy, I mean nice folks from the forum will be there.icon_biggrin.gif
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Glad you joined us, unlimited amount of info here, welcome ot SMF !!!
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Welcome Jeremy. I'll bet you have great weather for smoking in Tampa right now #&$%^*%^#$&*%^#%*. Anway, welcom.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Thank you ALL for the very warm welcome! Nicest folks I have met on forums in a long time. PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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A tardy welcome to ya, enjoy the site it is very helpful.
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Welcome , glad to have you along for the ride.

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