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It has become apperant to me that I might have caused some sort of "turbulance" myself with this thread. I assure all that that was not my intention.

I learn things, as I feel, most of us do, by just getting in the game and doing it. I have an idea and Im running with it. Im not a brainiac or engeneer. I can drink plenty of beer and shoot pool with the best of em.

As Ive read through this thread, it is confusing, I agree. I am sorry for that as I am new to using lump, the mods needed for my smoker, termanology...etc. However, I am not new to cooking and principals. Capt Dan, I wish we had said flow instead of "snuffing the fire".

In my eyes, this thread is dead. When I get my smoker remodeled, I will q-view food
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No turbulance here:-)

No turbulance here:-) Looking forward to your finished product, don't give up!!

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No turbulance here either, nh3b's, I sincerely hope my comments were not the source of your frustration. I certainly did not mean to offend you or anyone else here. I enjoyed reading your thread and following your project.

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just read through the long version of this thread and i dont think anyone
has any beef with it , or people who were active in it !! i myself walk away
knowing that if i was gonna try some new mod's on a side boxer that this thread has brung a few new things to the tableicon_smile.gif learning is often a get taught to change it your way thingy . i think this thread is not yet dead and carry on !!!!!!!
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Keep Going!!

I also just read this entire thread today and see no reason to consider it "dead". I personally am impressed that you have taken mod info gathered from here and are trying to possibly improve upon what already works. The fact that you are willing to trudge through all this effort, not knowing if it will work, is equally impressive...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I, too, am in the process of building/modding my very own smoker......although I'm only in the "gathering information" stage. Your work is sort of helping to give me a push to get on the ball with my own project.

Thank you for sharing your efforts so far, and I hope you will continue to keep us posted on your progress.........icon_cool.gif

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NEVER Steve! Just a few more days! When it is decent out since I have no garage....Thats this years projecticon_mrgreen.gif along with spreading 80 yards of dirt, building 3 retaining walls and possibly putting up a new fence!PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif ...YEAAAA. lol 1 intake or 2?

Not at all Dave. In fact you gave me an idea with that ID. Think of those spinny things you see on rooftops. Those are wind and heat propelled and designed to suck out the air in your vents. One can be made to fit on top of stackicon_idea.gif

As far as my frustration goes, Its actually a combo of things. As stated above with Steve....I have alot of work ahead of me this summer and this is my window to get this thing going. Im hopeing to jump out of the bobcat speading gravel and dirt to check on some ribs this summer.icon_mrgreen.gif

Also, Ive payed attn to how many people check the thread out. I dont want to sound like a baby or an attn hound, but, I somewhat thought more people would have jumped in. I mean hey,this is a discussin group. I feel I have something unique to channel more heat into the smoker, possibly using less fuel, quicker start up times....dont we all try and achieve that?

Upon my learning, again, thanks to this forum! I have been studying smokers, designs, different manufactures and thinking what makes one smoker different than another. The science and physics are extrordanary! Its quite cool and I never realized as simple as it can be its quite complex!

Read above and Im glad us newbies are learning together. Again, I will post when Im done. If you need any tips on bending sheet metal, feel free to pm me. Its quite simple really. Wheather the sheet metal will last its a matter of time. I know Ill at least see if the design works for me and if I have to remake with a thicker guage....NP! What I have into what ya see so far is $50 bucks. I can spend that in a baricon_biggrin.gif
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Glad to see you are not discouraged. Sounds like a fun project with the garage too!

Richtee just posted this thread which is really good reading on getting good burns and fire, smoke and stuff. He really explains the theory real well:-)
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Great thread man. Got me thinking about my offset. Instead of drilling holes in your firebox, how about drilling a few holes at a time in the hood you built? I like the idea of your hood and by no means am I trying to take away from your thread. I hope all works out OK.
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ok, apperently SMF is repeating posts.......or maybey its me.......anyway the goal here is a charcoal/wood fire forced induction burner.....I have a plan and have a flowmeter.....Thanks to Vinnie my HVAC techPDT_Armataz_01_38.gif . So, commin atchya live from Newhapchigan....Ill keep yall postedPDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

Scout out
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